Dec 13, 2008

Rachel's Birthday at the Strasburg House

This is Rachel Dave's sister and if I'm lucky my future sister in law. :) It was her Birthday on December 2nd and we went to Dave's mom and Dad's to celebrate. It was so much fun! Rachel is the sweetest thing ever! She is always so appreciative of everything and everyone. She is truly a wonderful person and I love her tons! It was fun to be able to be with the whole Strasburg family and get to celebrate her birthday with her! We love ya Rach!

So this is one of the cutest girls ever and I love her to death! This is Kimmie (Dave's niece). I have so much fun with her. Every time I see her she is always asking me to play house or board games. She has no idea how much her unconditional love for everyone means to especially me. She has loved me since she met me. She makes me miss my sweet niece's all the time. Plus, with a face like this how can you just not love the girlie?

I called her Miss Kimmie the other day and she said, "Jill my name is not miss, it's Kimmie." It made me laugh. She always has a smile and a hug for me when she sees me and it means the world to me. I feel so blessed to get to have this sweet little girl in my life.

So Dave and I were having a moment called "we thought we were ugly" this whole night. It was hilarious. His little sister Nicole kept taking our picture and we hated them. We are both a little self conscious when we're not tan, so needless to say after this picture was taken we went tanning. LOL....anyway in this picture she had just taken a picture before and I was so annoyed with how I looked. Dave and I started laughing because we were so ugly and Nicole grabbed this picture, which we both liked a lot, so I thought I had to put it on here.

I love this boy so much he has no idea. I'm so grateful for all the times he makes me laugh and smile and feel so loved. I couldn't ask for anything more. It's a great feeling to know you found your other half and they just happen to be your best friend on top of it. He always makes me feel so beautiful and makes a point to make me feel special on a daily basis. He's so much more than I deserve and I thank God every day that he sent him to me. I sure did get lucky. I love you Davey Boy!!

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Kenna said...


That looks like fun! You and Dave make such a cute couple! I miss you my friend, let's get together soon! Our plans fell through last time.