Oct 3, 2008

Pink High Heels

Shopping again with the money I don't have. Not only do we have the pink purse, the black hat, and all the crazy clothes in the background that I love and Dave would never want to see me in. LOL it's so funny how much I've changed in just little things. I'm finally ok being cute modest fun little Jilly instead of loud hot pink high heels and red lipstick chick. But it's still fun to play every once in awhile and just see Dave laugh at me. :)

My Soulmate

So I totally have the cutest boyfriend in the world. Dave makes me smile everyday but today he just made me realize why I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I had been having a rough day. My job is a bit stressful on me and I had a meeting that kinda broke me down and I just needed to see Dave. I left work and started driving to salt lake to surprise him after he got out of school. I didn't know that Dave had plans to go to Jiu Jitsu after school. He didn't let me know this until it slipped hours later. I picked him up and we went to Paradise Bakery and had lunch. After that I had planned on making him Lasagna all day because he had been asking me for weeks to make it, so I finally was going to be girlfriend of the year and make it. While I was making dinner he was in his room writing a letter to a good friend of his. He let me read the letter and it brought me close to tears. This boy of mine holds me on such a pedestal and thinks the world of me and wants to tell everyone about it that it touches me so deeply it brings me to tears to think about it. I have never had a man treat me with such kindness and respect and have such a deep true love for me that I can feel throughout my soul. I never in this world thought I would be this lucky to have someone in my life like that and to know that I get to spend the rest of my life with him is so incredible to me. No we're not engaged if that is what you are thinking, but I know it will happen. I don't even care when anymore. It can be whenever he is ready because I'm just happy knowing that I have finally after 24 years of waiting I have found my soulmate. I have found the man that God send down on this earth just for me. I have found my best friend and the love of my life and it's the coolest thing in the world to me!! Thank you God for giving me Dave. I couldn't ask for anything more and I use to only dream of this type of happiness.