Feb 14, 2009

4 Weeks to Go!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Today is a great day because I officially have only 28 days left until I get married! (I could have screwed up that math, but just pretend I got it right!) Dave and I are celebrating Valentine's Day at the house tonight. I didn't want to go out because I wanted to spend my first fun little V-Day with just him. We are having crab legs, aspagras, and mashed potatoes on a candle lit table. I can't wait! It's kinda crazy, I've never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day, so this is kinda cool to me that my future husband is the only one I will ever spend a lovers holiday with. I guess it was truly meant to be! :) LOL Anyway I better get cooking dinner, but I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day and tell ya that I love ya! Have fun celebrating a Holiday dedicated to the color pink!

Feb 7, 2009

The Announcements are DONE!

I finally got my invitations addressed tonight. What a relief. Dave's mom is so on top of things. I asked her for her names and she instantly had them I swear. The woman is amazing. I love my announcements. I guess they're not invites because we're having a closed ceremony with just immeadiate family and no reception. It is just how Dave and I wanted it and I am so excited. Our wedding is going to be perfect. We are going to Las Vegas to stay in a beautiful condo for our honeymoon. Our first night we are staying in the beautiful Johnson's Mill in Provo Canyon. I can't believe I am only 5 weeks away from spending the rest of my life with my best friend!!! This is how true love feels and it's amazing. It's fun that I get to do the wedding the exact way I want. My dress is white with a black sash and my bouque (however you spell it) are 12 white tulips with a black satin ribbon around it. My announcements and dress and flowers all match. Dave is going to be in just a black pinstripe suit and black tie. I think I chose the easiest colors in history! So the announcements will go out monday, my dress will be done next week, and in 5 weeks I'll be married and playing in Vegas with Dave.....oh and Sheila we'll have to stop by and see you for sure!!!!

Feb 3, 2009

So I've taken up a Hobby

I have learned how to make blankets!!! I made my first one for Dave and it is actually really warm and I think I love it more than he does, but he is super proud of me. In fact I think I lied and told him it was for him when it was really for me all along. But I finally did and I kinda feel like a badass!

Car Accident

So I was headed to work the other morning in the fog and came over the overpass in Springville nad slammed into 2 white trucks that were blocking both lanes of the road. The good little fit that she is just couldn't make it, but she did save my life along with the EMT and ambulance and the hospital workers. I give most of the credit to Honda. Here is what it looked like