Aug 24, 2009

First Day of School

Dave started school today up at the U (again). He was so anxious about it last night, and was getting nervous to go. He's had a great day so far though. We woke up around 7 and had breakfast, I made his lunch and snack, hugged and kissed him and sent him on his way. A couple hours later he sent me a text telling me how he found a great train up to school and that his math teach is German! He was so thrilled about that. He is taking all science classes and I'm so glad it's him and not me. I miss school a ton, but I wouldn't want to take those science classes again. Dave is so much smarter than I am though, so he will have no problem getting straight A's. He just sent me a text that told me how "good" his classes are. "Deans list Here I Come!" was his exact quote. He's so cute!

It's weird to not have him here with me. I'll keep plenty busy though with all the stuff I have to do. I'll finally get things done instead of waiting for the weekend and being lazy all week. So it's back to school for Dave and back to home grind for Jilly :)

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Laurz and Bric said...

Dave is a smarty pants, and being a really good schmoozer helps too! ;)