Aug 25, 2009

My Sister's Darling Fam

So my sister recently had a family photo shoot and this is one of the pics that came out of it. My sister is my best friend and one of my greatest idols. She is so special to me. She is an amazing mom, an incredible athlete (she's ran 2 marathons!), and she is the greatest sister anyone could ever have. She lives in OK where her husband is doing his residency in radiology. I miss her like crazy! She is truly the greatest example I have ever had on how to be a good mom, charitable, honest, loving, considerate, caring, kind, and compassionate. I love you James! Thanks for being the greatest sister a girl could have!

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Laurz and Bric said...

Of course when you say, "she is the greatest sister anyone could ever have", you are excluding sister-in-law from that, otherwise I know that your amazingly great sister-in-law, Laurz, would be in that sentence too! Haha, I am just kidding! They are such a cute family, and very cute pic too!