Oct 21, 2009

Fashion Designer Day

Well I have wanted 2 outfits for a VERY long time. The 1st being tights and a long tunic sweater to go over them. I still haven't gotten that one. The 2nd is a pair of "boyfriend/weekend" jeans. Since Dave and I are starving students and don't have any extra money I had to improvise. I took Dave's smallest pair of jeans today and decided that with a belt and a little imagination I could have a pair of boyfriend jeans. So I put them on, rolled up the legs, and slapped on a belt to tighten them up. I'm actually very impressed with myself. They are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn! Why weren't boyfriend jeans a trend years ago? I seriously have never put on a pair of jeans that feel so comfortable but are so cute! I feel quite crafty and fashionable today. Dave came home from school and even said I looked cute, so I was pretty happy with myself. I didn't feel bad stealing Dave's jeans either because they are a pair that he never wears. So not only do I look cute, but I'm comfortable, and saved $30 because that is what the pair that I wanted from Old Navy costs. I'll have to take a picture and post it so you can all see how amazing I am! :)

I am also slow cooking a rack of BBQ ribs for 10 hours today and they are going to be amazing. I feel like I've accomplished quite a lot on this Wednesday. Tomorrow I think I'll sleep in and relax all day. LOL Wow, I don't know how I am ever going to be a mom and have to worry about little kids. I'm too into doing my own things. I'm sure I'll change when the time comes. For right now, I am going to enjoy being married and having no one to worry about but Dave and Me. Life is sweet!

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Jessica Anderson said...

cute idea with the jeans! and as for the kids... when they come, you'll have no choice but to give up your free time ;) So enjoy it as much as you can now and add a little extra for me. Cause i'll probably have to wait till i'm 30 to get some free time back again.