Dec 6, 2009

Doing Better

So I thought I would post a little update and let you all know how I am doing. I ate yesterday which was amazing. I ate some vegetable lasagna and it tasted delish! I can't describe how amazing it is to be able to eat and how I have taken it for granted my entire life.

I am still a little sore. It hurts to lay flat and so I have been sleeping propped up on the couch. Dave is King of the bed right now and I think he loves it. I know he loves sleeping with me, but he also loves sleeping in the middle of the bed. :)

I have been crocheting a few things while I have been home. I've been working on my blanket that I think will take me another 10 years to finish. It's a king size quilt and it's beautiful and candy apple red and the softest thing you have ever felt, but I will finish it one day. :) Dave loves it though. He cuddles up to the part of it that is done and it is so warm! I also made my niece's Christmas gifts. I made some scarfs for my niece's for Christmas. I decided since money is a little tight right now with all the medical bills and me not being able to work, I am going to make my Christmas presents this year. I have finished Maddie's and Jennifer-Kate's. I also have Lilly who is Bonnie's little girl. I have her name for Christmas in Dave's family and thanks to my sweet friend Lacey Wing I have her Christmas present. My mom helped me out with my other niece's because we just don't have the money to do for everyone this year. One day things will be easier, but right now we are newlyweds and we are penny pincher's which is absolutely just fine. I wouldn't trade my life for anything in this world.

This Christmas is going to be amazing. My mom is going to let me borrow an abelskiver pan so I can make some for Dave, and we are going to spend time with our families and we are going to have a great Christmas Holiday. I'm going to be well and so our prayers are being answered. As long as I stay out of the hospital and continue to improve then I will be happy with whatever comes our way. I could go without getting 1 gift this Christmas season and be perfectly happy because I have my sweetheart who is my everything and I have my health. Those are the only 2 things that I need in this life. This will be the greatest Christmas ever. I love you Dave!