Apr 7, 2010

Auction Item #9-SCENTSY!!!

So thank you to another amazing woman! Aubri Bale has graciously donated a LOAD of Scentsy stuff! It's estimated value is $84!! Thank you Aubri! You are amazing to donate when you don't even know me. That is true kindness and charity and I can't tell you how much we appreciate it! You can contact Aubri for you Scentsy needs at:
Aubri Bale

We will close this bid on Monday the 12th at 11am. Have fun bidding! How can you not absolutely love Scentsy stuff?! I'm so excited because now I have my Scentsy girl!!


Roberts Family said...

I absolutely want this! LOVE LOVE scentsy and if it will help save your life that makes it a thousand times more awesome!!
I start the bid at $100

Roberts Family said...
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Vicki said...
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Jilly said...

Chrissy you are so great! I know that this auction will get bigger as the weekend hits.

Jilly said...

Chrissy you are the winner!!!! Email your info to
remind me the email who it is and what prize you won and I'll get the information to you. Congratulations!!

Roberts Family said...


Unknown said...

Just wanted to state that by purchasing from Aubri Bale you are supporting a sex offender. Scott John Bale dob 10/4/73 was convicted of aggravated sex abuse of a child and is a registered sex offender. Public information please check for yourself before boycotting this person. Thanks have a great holiday.