Apr 6, 2010

Cute Girl Crocheted Hats!!

We have another amazing woman donating to my surgery!! She makes the cutest hats and is going to donate 100% of the profits toward my surgery!

"Cute hats for baby girls, little girls, young women, or a grown up women like yourself! Hats crocheted with a flower that can be attached or de-tachable. Any color can be requested and any size (just a few measurements will need to be provided). Small hats for $3 or large ones for $5."

Let me know in my comments what size, and colors you want your hat!! Whit is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful to her for donating! You can just pay using my donation button and you can email your information to her to set up arrangements to get your hat(s). She asked to please give her at least 2 weeks for a hat!

Whitney Bishop

Thank you Whitney, Evan, and Chad!! We love you!


Roberts Family said...

Is small for babies and large for older girls? Should i just measure around her head and post that?

Whitney said...

Yes I can make any size from infant to adult. Just measure head circumference.

Jilly said...

Hey Chrissy I will email you Whit's email and you can send the measurements to her! She rocks!

Mangelson's said...

Jill,this is heaven sent. I cannot crochet. I have tried and I just can't. So, I want 5 hats. Should I just email the info the Whitney?

Paige said...

I would love to get some - can I get Whitney's email, I will get her the info. Thanks! paiger83@gmail.com

Jilly Strasburg said...

Yes just send an email to Whitney and she will get them made! She is amazing. Just email her and then you pay by clicking on my donation button using paypal on my blog. She will check with me to make sure the money is there and she'll get them made. You can go over all the details with her. Thanks you guys!! I love you Whit!!

Jilly said...

Whitney's email is: