Apr 9, 2010

Daily Start Total

Start of day Total $2,906.49
Thank you for all your donations!

Let's have a goal to at least get up to $3,500 today! We can totally do it! Spread the word and let's hit our goal!! It's Friday! We can totally get everyone to see this website and get our total up there! We will definitely have the $5,000 by Monday at 12pm!!!

Thanks to everyone for all your hard work and donations! Keep bidding and donating and have so much fun!! Some great items are going to go to the highest bidder on Monday at 11am MST!!!

MONDAY EVENTS: I go to the Doctor's at 10am. The auctions end at 11am. The winners will be announced on the comments site by me. You pay the money using 1 of our 3 ways to Donate. At 12pm I pay the money for my surgery, and then we start setting up times for everyone to get their items!! This weekend is going to go by fast!! This is going to be an awesome weekend!!

3 Days to hit $5,000!!! We have the News coming this morning at 11am, and then we start going crazy!! :) I will be posting 3 times a day what our total is. On Sunday and Monday I am going to try to post every hour until I go to my pre-operative meeting at 10am!!!

Good luck everyone and thanks for the amazing help to save my life!!


Vicki said...

Hey Jill! A friend and colleague of Jim's, Kim Brown of Kim Brown and Associates advertising agency has just pledged $500.00!!! She had a dear friend pass away after gastric bypass and really wants to help!! So how's that for getting close to today's goal!? Yea! We're gonna make it happen by Monday!

Jilly said...

The news is here right now and I am just doing stuff with them, but as soon as they are gone I will check paypal and see the total. As of this morning I needed about $2,100.00 but I'm not sure what it's at right now.