Apr 7, 2010


So I just have a little heartfelt story to share. Tonight was a rough night. I ended up in the ER with severe vomiting that would not stop and needed attention. After 2 hours they were able to get it under control and get me feeling better (only 7 days!!). As Dave and I were driving home we were talking about a lot of stuff and how amazing people are. We pull into the driveway and we have a gift sitting on our porch wrapped in beautiful silver wrapping paper and fun ribbons all over it. The card says:

We want you to Fight We want you to Live So someday you Might Get a chance to Give Always remember and never disguise the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. You have really touched our lives and don't forget.....WE LOVE YOU!! Your friends in Highland

As I open the gift with Dave it is full of envelopes that have a quick little comment on the front. They don't have any cards in them and no information on who left them. In each envelope was money. I just cried. I couldn't help be so deeply touched. I can't believe the good that is in this world.

There was a particular envelope that made me cry and truly made me realize how much love Christ has for me. The envelope had a little child's writing on it with a big smiley face. I opened it and inside were 2, 1 dollar bills. This hit me so hard. I could only imagine a little child who saves their money up from allowance, and helping with chores, etc. and giving me everything that they had. They gave me all the money that they had earned to help me live.

I just pictured my little niece's and nephew's and how hard they work for their money and them giving their $2.00 to someone they don't even know. Wow, what unconditional love the Children of God have. Jesus loved the little children for a reason. They are the heart and soul of my faith and why I have so much hope for this world. Thank you Highland!

Because of Highland and all your donations on Paypal today, we raised $1,000! I can't believe we raised that much in 1 day! I am truly touched by your love, support, and generosity. What incredible people I have in my life! I want you to know that I am the one blessed to have you.


Briana said...

That is so amazing, and absolutely brings me to tears. It says a lot about the kind of wonderful person you are, to have so many who care so much for you. :)

I love you!!!!

Patty said...

I agree with the Pinales family. This kind of love and support proves what kind of person you are, Jill. I know you'll be well and do wonderful things in]]with your life. Love, Patty

Kerianne said...

Heavenly Father blesses us when we need it most. And you absolutely do! Keep on fightin!