Apr 6, 2010

Standing Mirror Auction

This is the 1st item for auction. It is a standing mirror that is being donated by

The Wandering Wardrobe
511 South Main Street
Springville, UT 84663

All auctions will close on Monday April 12, 2010 at 11:00am

(You can make your bid in my comments under the item post. The last bid for each item before 11am will win. You can make your payment using my "Donate" button on the upper right side of my blog with Paypal. You can also pay the money directly to my bank and I will be more than happy to give instructions for that. )

Thank you to all of the amazing companies who are helping me to get well!!


Patty said...

Hey Jill, if people wish their bids to remain secret, they can come into the Wandering Wardrobe and place a bid in our 'flipflop' bag hanging on the mirror. I'll make sure you have those bids before 11:00 a.m. on April 12.

Jilly said...

Thanks Patty!! I will post that on my facebook and blog so people know that!!

Paige said...

I will start the bid for this at $20!

Jill - I just saw your facebook group & decided to check out your blog - I wish you all the best! I just helped in an effort to raise money for a 7 year old boy in my ward diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer - his website is http://www.mysuperspence.blogspot.com if you want to check it out - I will help spread the word about your upcoming surgery & I will keep watching your blog for updates. I don't know if you want to keep the money thing a secret, but when we were raising money, it always sparked peoples generosity to know where were were in terms of our "goal." So as you get closer & closer, it might motivate people to have a ballpark number & know how close you are getting. Best wishes and prayers coming your way!

Jilly said...

Paige thank you so much! I have never done this before and I so much appreciate the help!! Thank you for starting the bidding! You are awesome! I will post the total at the beginning of each day and then on Friday we will start doing it 4 times a day and on Monday we will do every hour until I have to pay at 6pm!!

Talia said...

I will bid $50 Dollars for this cute mirror. Jill your in my prayers. Let me know what else I can do. I would love to give away a free haircut and some glitter toes if you what to auction that off. Talia Orton Hudson

Jilly said...

Talia I would love too!! You are so amazing! Do me a favor and send me your contact info to my email so I can add a little something to my post. If you have any pictures you want me to add you can send those too! You are so wonderful and I so much appreciate it! I love you!

Kacey said...

I'll bid $100 for the mirror :)

Jilly said...

Kacey you are amazing! Thank you! I love you tons!

sandra said...

I'll bid (give) you $120.00 If I win the mirror great, if not the money is still yours either way :) Good luck!!!

Kacey said...


Jilly said...

Kacey you are the winner!!!! Email your info to
remind me the email who it is and what prize you won and I'll get the information to you. Congratulations!!