Sep 5, 2010

Snowbird Date

On the Tram at Snowbird

Dave and I have a "date night" every Friday or Saturday. I look forward to that day of the week more than any other! I love them, 1. I get undivided attention from my sweetheart and 2. I don't have to cook dinner that night! hehehe

Dave and I have been looking forward to Oktoberfest for months now. On Friday I went to school with Dave and read my book, "The Mockingjay" until he got done with class.
After he was done for the day we headed up to Snowbird. It's amazing how every time I have driven up there I have taken for granted how beautiful it is. This time I just starred in awe at the beautiful place I call my home. I feel so blessed and lucky to live in Utah.Dave and I talked, held hands, and really enjoyed the ride up. We got up there and started walking around and realized that Oktoberfest didn't start until Saturday. We were 1 day too early. I was so bummed. We had an amazing time though anyway.Instead of Oktoberfest we walked around the resort, looked at the beautiful creeks, took a ride on the tram, and just sat and talked. It was so much fun. We just sat and tried to absorb the beauty and magnificent surroundings of where we were.

We talked about the church, how amazing God is, how blessed we are, and how thankful we are that I am still alive. A year ago we would have never have hoped to be there. I felt so lucky that I had the opportunity to be in such a gorgeous place with my best friend, and not dying. I love my life!

After a little while the growling coming from our stomachs told us that it was time to go. We went and grabbed dinner and then headed home.

Snowbird is absolutely breath taking. I can't imagine living anywhere without mountains. I'm so thankful to my parents for allowing me to grow up in Utah. I know the culture here is a little different, but I love that about it. I wouldn't want it to be any other way. I can't imagine raising my children anywhere without the mountains and streams that I love. I truly am blessed to live here.

Oh, and the last bit of the night was the most delicious! We went to Farmer's Market and got peaches for jam, fresh tomatoes for my sandwiches, and found a new little ice cream spot in Lehi. It's called Emmett and Ethel's and they had my favorite; Pink Bubble Gum ice cream. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day!