Oct 9, 2010

Nightmare on 13th

Dave and I went out with our brother-in law Bric, and Dave's sister Laurel last night. We had the most fabulous idea of going to Nightmare on 13th. Now for those of you don't know, it's a haunted house here in a Utah, and it's been rated #1 in the country and on the discovery channel twice. The people who created Haunted Mansion at Disneyland created this. I have to say I was impressed. The detail that went into the background was amazing, and it was so scary! I think I may just be a wimp, but it scared me to death.We had so much fun. The only thing I would tell unsuspecting victims is that there is a room that spins and you will most likely get super sick if you're a person that gets motion sickness. We all came out super nauseated, minus Laurzee who kept her eyes closed. (How crazy is that, that the pregnant girl didn't get nauseated??) Overall we had so much fun, and as always, had a great time with Laurz and Bric and baby!!