Feb 25, 2011

Oprah Winfrey Show #3

I know a lot of you know this about me, but I'm sure a lot of my readers don't. I have been on the Oprah Winfrey show twice. I was on the first time when I was 19 years old in February of 2002. I weighed a little over 300lbs. at the time. To read the whole story click here. You can see pictures and read the story. I'll give you the basic rundown though.

When I was 19 my sister wrote a letter to Oprah telling her that she wished I could see how beautiful she thought I was and that she wished I would love myself like she loved me. They contacted Jamie about this letter and asked her if she thought her sister would want to be on Oprah. They then called me and started talking to me about my life and what it was like growing up as "The Fat one in a Skinny Family". The show was born. :)

The show was based on my life and what it was like to grow up fat with a bunch of skinny little people around me. LOL The main story was between my father and I. My Dad Kirk, always struggled with me being overweight. It didn't bother him as much as it concerned him, and made him sad because he knew I wouldn't have the life I wanted if I stayed so unhealthy. On the show Oprah had my Dad and I on stage, and the rest of my family in the audience. My Dad was so blunt and honest that many people came away hating him. I have to admit that he hurt me for a little while too. Some of the things he said hurt, but only because I knew they were true.

6 months after the show was filmed I had gastric bypass surgery. A day before my surgery the show aired on national TV. It was crazy to see myself on TV, with Oprah, and how fat I actually was. I had never realized how large I really was. Looking back now it blows my mind. Oprah was completely against my surgery and made sure to let me know. Regardless of that, I had the surgery the next day.

A 2 years later and 170lbs lost, I received another phone from the Oprah Winfrey show. They wanted to know all about my life and what I was up to now. I told them about my surgery, the weight I had lost, that I was in school at Utah State University, and so on. They let me know that my show was one of the highest rated shows they have ever aired and wanted me to come back for "Oprah's Most Memorable Guests" show. So in October 2005 I went back on for the 2nd time. I got to show off all my hard work and feel beautiful. This time was so much more fun to say the least.

Since then I have had a lot of ups and downs and have struggled with my health because of the decision I made to have gastric bypass, and although I don't regret the decision it has changed my life. Well the story doesn't stop there.

Yesterday I received a phone call that Oprah is doing 1 more "Most Memorable Guests" show and they want me to come back. I was blown away, and so touched. I don't know exactly when all of this is going to happen, but it will be for her final season. We are working out the details now, and I will make sure to keep you all informed on what is going on. I just can't wait! I'm so excited to show of my life, all that I have overcome with all of your help, and my amazing husband. This should be fun!


Carolyn said...

Awesome Jill! You should be proud of yourself just because you are a great person! I'm cheering you (and your husband) on!

SUZANNE said...

Hi! I am actually fans with Carolyn, who sent me to your blog because I am a crazy Oprah fan! I finally had the honor of going to Chicago to see her show this past year. Anyhow, I TOTALLY remembered your episode and think it is fantastic that you are going back. I hope you'll share your experience on your blog when you do! Anyhow, just wanted to say hello and say I think you rock! Say hi to Oprah for me. :)

Kenzie said...

Jilly! I love you so much and i think you should take your cute little sister Kenzie to the oprah show. hehe! I am so proud of you Jilly you have taught me so much. You deserve everything great that has happened to you. I love you so much!

Jilly said...

Thanks Carolyn! I just love you! Suzanne, you are a sweetheart for reading my blog. I can't believe you saw my show! I'll make sure to post when my next one is going to air, although I'm sure you will already be watching! And Kenz you are an angel. You are the best little sister a girl could ask for!

Kimberley said...

Oh my Jilly! You really have been on a long rollercoaster! And I'm so glad you are in good health! But it's no question that you were one of the most memorable guests because despite your touching story, you are just a beautiful and radiant girl!!! Love you!!!xoxo

Unknown said...

I fully second Kimberley and what she said. You are seriously so inspiring in every aspect. We only got to know each other a little bit but every time we talked you are amazing and kind and beautiful. Depsite every turn in the rollercoaster. Please keep us posted & I want to get together and catch up soon!!! <3

Unknown said...

Hi Jill, watched your show. I had the same surgery 10 years ago and am now beginning to have complications similar to yours. I live in Salt Lake and would love to talk with you, if possible. I look forward to your response.