Mar 14, 2011

Best 2 Years

Dave and I have been married for 2 years today, and I can honestly say it has been the greatest 2 years of my life. When I entered into this marriage I never imagined I would be this happy. I didn't know a love like this existed. I never knew that someone could cherish me, worship me, treat me like a Queen, or be my best friend in this way. I never knew God loved me enough to give me the greatest man I have ever known. I thought a life like this only existed in Fairytale's, and I can honestly say that I live a Fairytale everyday of my life. So in honor of this day, I am going to share how Dave and I met and how we went from he and I to "Us".

I had just gone through a really tough time in my life. I was in a really bad relationship and horribly unhappy. I was miserable, sad, depressed, not close with my heavenly father, and just not living the life that I knew I wanted and deserved. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend and started a new job working at the gym 2 days after that. On February 15, 2008 I was working behind the counter at LA Boxing and was checking guys in for the jiu-jitsu class that night. I happened to glance up at this man walking through the parking lot in his white tank top, shorts, and vitamin water, and I remember thinking how absolutely beautiful he was. I was so scared to say hi to him because he was so beautiful. As he walked into the gym I became speechless. I was in awe of this gorgeous california blond in front of me. (no, Dave is not from California). He walked right up to the counter and said, "Hi, I'm Dave." All I could get out of my mouth was "Hi". This is so unusual for those of you that know me because I never have problems talking to anyone. I rarely get intimidated and I am a flirt so I never had any problems talking to men, but this was different. Dave and I made eye contact and I knew he was different. For some reason I knew that I knew this man from somewhere. I felt his soul talk to mine and I knew at that moment that he was going to be in my life for the rest of my life.

During that jiu-jitsu class he was taking, he kept coming up to the front to flirt/talk with me. I finally got a little relaxed and could speak to him. It was crazy because I had so many men that worked out at that gym hit on me on a daily basis and I never gave them the time of day, but I did anything I could to get Dave to talk to me. I later found out that he never hit on any girls, he never left his jiu-jitsu class for any reason, and he had been asking some of the trainers about me. For about 2 months I stalked Dave as much as I could. I pulled up his file on the work computer, got his email, cell phone, birthday, just about anything I could to learn as much as I could about this guy. I found out that his birthday was April 26 and I was determined that if he hadn't asked me out by then that I was going to ask him.

The beginning of April he came into the gym 1 night and he was in such a horrible mood. He didn't tell me exactly what had happened, but I ended up letting him stay after the gym had closed and just talked to him while he lifted weights. He was having a problem with a girl. My heart just broke to see him sad. At that moment I would have done anything in my power to make him happy. I went home that night with his email and sent him an email telling him how sorry I was that he was sad and just that he was on my mind. 2 days later he came in for a class and I asked him if he got my email. His face lit up like the 4th of July and he said, "You sent me an email?!" I told him why I did and he was so touched. It made me feel so good to see that it meant so much to him that someone cared. A week after that I made up my mind that I was asking him out.

He came into the gym and I said, "So what are you doing for your Birthday?" He said he didn't have any plans, and I said, "Well you do now. I'm taking you out for your Birthday." He was so excited, but probably not as much as I was. On April 26, 2008 I drove over to his house and picked him up for our date. I took him to Market Street Grill up by the U and it was the greatest day of my life. We talked like we had been friends forever. We starred at each other non-stop for 3 hours. After dinner I had plans to take us to the Pink Floyd laser show. We decided we didn't want to go though, so we went back to his house and talked until 3:30 in the morning. I fell in love with him that night.

After that date we were with each other every day but Sunday. He lived in Highland and I lived in Springville, and I would make excuses to make the 60 mile round trip drive daily just to see him, and this was when gas was above $4.00 a gallon. I just couldn't get enough of this kid. 1 night in May I was sitting on his counter at his house and I grabbed his face and told him I loved him. He just smiled and kissed me. It took him a bit longer to tell me he loved me, but he finally did. I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with this boy, and every day that I wasn't married to him seemed like eternity.

After dating for 8 months on December 19 I was over at his house and we were just hanging out like we always did. I was sitting on the kitchen counter like I always did, and his parents had just left to go home. I said, "So, when are you going to ask me to marry you?" I knew it had to be coming because he had the ring. He said wait just a second while he walked into his bedroom to grab something. He came back out and stood in front of my and told me all the reasons he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of eternity with me. He then pulled out a white jewelry box and opened it while saying, "Jilli, will you marry me?" I didn't notice the ring right away because I was just hugging and kissing him then I looked down and just screamed. It was the most beautiful diamond I had ever seen and it was so completely me. It was classy, and elegant, not to big and not to small. It was perfect, and I loved it. After asking me, Dave had realized that he had forgotten to ask my Dad, so he hurry and called Kirk and said, "Hey Padre, I'm just about to ask your daughter to marry me, but I wanted to make sure it was okay with you first." It was hilarious. Then we called all of our family and told them the good news. Dave's family was thrilled. The 1 boy out of 8 children was getting married. I don't think they had any idea what a spazztic daughter in law they were getting or they might not have been so excited. ;)

We did a really short engagement. I didn't have a reception and we only had immediate family in the sealing room of the temple. It was very small and intimate, and exactly like Dave and I wanted it. On March 14, 2009 a little after a year of knowing each other Dave and I got married in the Mount Timpanogos temple in American Fork Utah at 10:40am. It was the greatest day of my life up to that point.

Since that day I have spent every day getting a little more happy. I have the greatest man on this planet as my husband. He is my best friend, my soul mate, my angel, and my future. I love him with all my heart and I am so grateful that he is mine. I don't know why God gave him to me because Lord knows I didn't deserve it, but I thank him on my knees every day that he did.

I love you with everything in me my sweet David. You are my life. I couldn't ask for anything more. You make me happier then anything, and I hope I take as good of care of you as you do of me. Thank you for working so hard for our little family. I'm so proud of you for pursuing your dreams of becoming a doctor. You amaze me every day and you make me proud to be a part of your life. Happy Anniversary my sweetheart. Here's to eternity together.