Jun 4, 2011

Windshield Replacement Anyone?

I have a story that just couldn't wait to be told. It literally happened about 20 minutes ago and I can't stop laughing. Let me preface this by clarifying that Dave and I are both Natural Blonde's. Okay, now I can begin....

This morning Dave and I woke up bright and early (okay maybe not early) and decided that today was are garden planting day. It was finally nice weather, and not freezing cold, so our veggies will actually grow. We headed off to Smiths, and then to Home Depot where we got a lot of delicious veggies.

Living in Highland we're not as lucky as most of the Utah people. Our soil is complete clay. It's beautiful underneath the rock hard top soil, but unless you can keep that top soil broken up your plants are not going to grow. This is a lesson we learned last summer. So because of that we decided to make gardening boxes with wood and wonderful soil from the greenhouse. We got our plants today, and we just needed the wood to make the box. We were at Home Depot and looked at the wood, but had an amazing epiphany. There are so many homes being built around our house, and dumpsters are full of their wood scraps, so why spend money on wood when we can just use the stuff that people are throwing away. We'll save money and help the planet out by recycling. We're absolutely brilliant when it comes to saving money and mother earth. :)

We came home with our plants, watered them, and put them in the sun to wait for their new and wonderful home in their garden box. We decided that later that night we would go "dumpster diving" because a lot of people would probably look down upon us, and we can't have that! I mean we have our pride for goodness sake. :P

At 7pm we figured that all the construction people would be done working for the weekend and we went out on our dumpster hunt. We had tracked out all the homes being built previously, and we knew where the dumpsters were that were full of our money saving wood. So off the 2 little blonde's went on their adventure to save money and mother earth!

We came to this house that was so beautifully built, but had an even more beautifully full dumpster. We jumped out of our jeep, climbed up the side of the dumpster, and looked in. We found the greatest wood on the planet! It had a few nails in it and some spray paint, but it didn't matter. It would hold soil and be the perfect new home for our vegetables to grow. I climbed into the dumpster and started handing pieces of wood to Dave. After we found 4 great pieces, we proceeded to put the wood in the jeep. We opened the back up, put all the seats down, I laid down towels to protect the leather, and we started to push them through the entire length of the jeep.

The first 3 pieces of wood fit like a charm. They slid in perfectly and even had a little bit of room at the end so we could close the door. The last piece was the problem. We pushed it and realized that it was too long, so we thought that maybe if it went in 1st and wasn't resting on the other 3 pieces that it may go in a little bit farther. The wood was only an inch or two away from us being able to close the door. I climbed in the front of the Jeep with Dave pushing in the back and we carefully rearranged our wood so we could put the longest piece in first. With the 3 pieces out of the way Dave started to push the 4th piece while I so carefully guided it to the front. He pushed it to the windshield and it hit and I figured he realized that it wouldn't go anymore, so I said "Okay". Dave thought that this meant okay to push, so he pushed just a tad bit more and POP! I looked at the windshield that had just spider-webbed across the entire piece of glass and screamed an obscenity that isn't really lady like, so I won't repeat it. I then looked back and Dave and man was he mad. He let go of the wood and walked up to the front of the jeep. He looked down at the windshield and shook his head. His jaw clenched, and his face started to go a little red. I knew at that moment that he was furious. Then he blew out a lot of hot air that had built up inside him and said, "what an awesome adventure. I'm glad we decided to do this instead of buy $20 worth of wood at The Home Depot." At that moment all I could think about was trying to calm him down, and trying not to bust out laughing. I know that's horrible to say, but Dave never screws up and I found this completely hilarious.

Here the 2 blonde's are, standing in the middle of the road with wood poking out the back of the jeep, Dave standing at the front of the Jeep with steam coming out of his ears and me just looking at the windshield trying not to laugh. If anyone was watching this happen I bet they were rolling on the floor laughing.

I climbed out of the front seat and went to console my sweet husband. The consoling didn't go over very well. He walked to the back of the Jeep, shut the raised door (as much as he could. We didn't break the windshield clean through so the wood was still a tad too long.) walked back to the front seat, climbed in, shut the door, and said, "Let's just get out of here." I walked to the drivers side seat climbed in and started the Jeep.

As we drove home (as slow as I possibly could so nothing feel out of the back) Dave conveniently asked me if we had coverage for glass on the Jeep. I had just started a new policy with a different company and I had put full coverage on our car, but I didn't put anything on the Jeep. I mean c'mon, it was paid off, and we never drive it. What would I need coverage for? Blond moment #20000 of mine this year. Dave suddenly realized that a $20 piece of wood just turned into about $200 bucks that we don't have. (Remember, we were trying to save money dumpster diving because we didn't have enough money for wood...LOL) Dave wasn't too happy about this whole situation and was unusually quiet on this ride home. I tried to calm and comfort the best I could, but it just didn't help. The last thing I remember saying was, "Well, at least we have an awesome "adventure" story!" He didn't find that funny at all.

As we pulled into the driveway I told him that it was all going to be okay. We could not drive the Jeep for a little bit until we have the extra money to pay for the windshield. Dave didn't seem to care about that, he just couldn't believe that he had done something so stupid. He pulled the wood out of the Jeep, put it on the ground, and walked into the house. To make the situation even more awesome for him, I had made him go "dumpster diving" with me in the middle of his UFC fights. He had paused them when we left, but when we got home the computer had frozen and he wasn't able to watch his fights. This sent him a little over the edge; more so then he already was. Dave grabbed some clothes and went up to take a shower and "cool off".

While he was taking a shower I was searching for a cheap windshield. I ended up finding one for $130.oo so I ran upstairs to tell him. He opened up the shower curtain after I had yelled it over the water and he had a huge smile on his face. He said, "That's how much the deductible would have been anyway. Good job Babe!" So in the end I started the problem, but I also found the solution. I'm so awesome.

At the end of this story let's just say that it was the best "Birthday Adventure" I have ever had. I now get a new windshield for my Birthday tomorrow and I couldn't be happier. More then anything I had so much fun with my sweetheart tonight. He's such a trooper to always put up with me and my little shenanigan's. $130 dollars, and a garden box later....Happy Birthday to ME!!!