May 13, 2012

Our Love Affair

Lately Dave and I have received so many comments on our love.  Where does it come from?  How are you 2 so in love?  and my favorite, "Every time I see you 2 I just want to start singing "Here Comes the Bride" because you are still in love like newlyweds."  Yes, I love my Dave more than anything on this planet.  I love him more than my life itself, and I can say that because it came to point one time where I got to choose between my life and him, and I chose Dave.  So where does it come from?  I have dated so many guys in my life, had so many relationships, and I just never felt like they were "the one" for me.  Some of them were amazing guys and I still care a great deal about a few of them, but they just weren't for me.  When I met Dave, from the instant he walked through that parking lot towards me I knew that something was different.  He had a light about him  that I had never experienced and I knew that he was the one.  Now I know that sounds so cliche' but, I knew Dave was the man I was going to marry the instant I met him.  It was truly love at first sight.

Our love didn't just happen.  Our love isn't "the greatest love on earth" just by chance.  We went through hell and back to have the love that we have.  Picture this if you can, you get married after dating for a year.  One month after you're married your wife becomes deathly ill and instead of deciding when you are going to have kids you are thinking about planning her funeral.  Every moment that Dave and I shared together that first year of marriage we truly believed that it would be the last.  

I used to wake up every morning and watch the sun come up because I didn't know if I was going to see the sun rise the following day.  Every morning when I was so sick and couldn't eat I still made breakfast for my husband every day because I didn't know if I was going to get the same chance tomorrow.  Dave and I truly lived in the moment.  We lived as if it were the last day we would ever get together.  Having that happen to you makes all the little quarrels, little issues, his little quirks, or mine that drove each other nuts, don't seem to important.  The fact that he didn't put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket didn't matter.  It became something about him that I cherished because tomorrow I might not be here to pick up those clothes and put them away.  I still feel that way today.  I still pick up his dirty clothes every night and stick them in the laundry with a smile on my face, and a warm heart because it's what makes the man I love my Davey.  It makes him the wonderful, amazing, man he is.  Those little things that drive each other nuts in marriage Dave and I don't experience.  We learned to love every little thing about each other because those were moments that we might have to keep in our memory when I was gone the next day.

Now that being said, do we still argue?  Of course we do.  Is it extremely rare that we fight?  Extremely.  We don't fight a lot because what is there really to fight about?  When little things don't bother your the pointless fights don't matter.  If we do argue, it's about our core value system being touched and that's about it.  

I know that what makes Dave and my love "Newlywed Love" is the mutual respect, love, and charity that we have had to learn in the 1st year of our marriage.  I still look at him like I did when we sat across the alter from one another and declared our love and respect for one another on our wedding day.  I can honestly say though that I love him more today than I did the day I married him.  I love him more today than I did yesterday.  I love that man with every fiber of my being.  He is the most amazing, loving, kind, fun, happy, hard working, and dedicated, man I have ever met.  Like I told him last night while I was looking him in the eyes, "You are the greatest and best man I have ever known." and I truly mean that.  I don't know any man that is better than my David.  I feel so lucky and blessed to have the love that we have.

So for those of me who ask where we get our love, or how can they have the love that we have?  It's simple, don't fight about the little things because they could one day be gone, don't disrespect your significant other, and love like you want to be loved.

I love you sweetheart.  Thank you for making my life special and worth every second that I live it.  Thanks for making this Mother's Day great with breakfast in bed and by teaching my sweet sunday school class today.  You're the best!

To all you Mother's, Happy Mother's Day.  The job you do is the greatest and best and toughest job on the planet, and you deserve all the praise in the world.  I love you Mom, and all the Mother's in my life.

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Brittany B. said...

Beautiful blog entry Jill. You should write a book about your love story (i.e. how you and Dave met, dated, got married, and your first year of married life)...and then your book should be made into a movie ;)