May 30, 2012

A few MISSED Thank You's

For those of you who read my post yesterday and may have felt left out because you were a HUGE help to me while I was sick, please know that I didn't forget you.  I didn't have all the time in the world to thank everyone who gave so much of themselves to me at that time.  There were a few people that I specifically wanted to thank that I missed.  I had an amazing woman come and wash my hair and cut it for me when I was to sick to leave my house one day, and I will never be able to express the love that I have in my heart for her.  That moment was so special to me and made me feel pretty when I had felt so sick for so long.  Also, to my amazing sister in law Stacy who came and colored my hair; she and her family bought dinner for Dave and just spent the night with us helping me to forget how sick I was in that moment.  It's a big deal to a girl to have her hair done and feel beautiful and to have 2 women come and make me pretty and do it for free meant the world to me.  So thank you to both of you.

Like I said, there are so many more, and as I go about my day I keep remembering them.  So please just know that you are not forgotten, and the love and kindness you showed my husband and I will never be forgotten and you will forever be in my heart.  Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!