Mar 27, 2013

Thank You Mitchell

These past couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to make a necklace for a mother who lost her little boy.  I didn't know the story behind it, only what his favorite things are and what charms I would need to look for.  

As I posted the pictures of the finished necklace on my website today I started to get so many comments about a boy who had touched so many lives and that had to be the boy that I was making the necklace for.  Me being me, I started to investigate to see who this little boy was and not only him, but who this amazing mother was that I created this necklace for.

As I got to their facebook page and started to read through the story of Mitchell I was touched so deeply.  There was a picture of him looking out the window with the sun shining in on his face.  When his dad asked him what he was thinking he didn't want to talk about it, just wanted to be with his thoughts.  I don't know what Mitchell went through, but I remember those days.  I remember when Dave would be gone to school and I would have enough energy to get up from the couch and open the blinds. I would sit at the kitchen table and let the sun come in on my face, and I would wonder how many more days God was going to let me see the sun rise.  How many more mornings he was going to let me kiss my husband goodbye, and how many more sunny days I was going to have shining on my face through those kitchen windows.  Lucky for me, God chose to keep me here for now.

As I read the story of Mitchell and watched his eyes, and his face, and the way he just "knew" things I started to cry.  I wasn't crying for the loss of a little boy, but I was crying because I know those feelings and I remember thinking of what an old soul I must have for me to have the thoughts and know the things that God allowed me to know at that time.  I feel so blessed that I was given a second chance to continue to live this life.

As I made this necklace I've been moved to tears multiple times. Not because I knew the story, because I didn't until tonight, but as I have been making these "Memory Necklaces" as I have started to call them on my jewelry site, I have been touched by the love that the family members, friends, and loved ones, of our passed loved ones.  The love that they have for the people that they have lost moves me to tears and makes me even more grateful that I was given life.  It makes me so grateful that on the day where I was given a choice to choose to go home and be with my Heavenly Father, that he let me see Dave, and that I chose to stay here.  

I don't know what pain and hardships I will have to endure on this earth.  I don't know how long this sick little body of mine will continue to keep going, but I know I am thankful for everyday that I get.  I am thankful for every morning that I wake up and get to open my blinds and feel the sun on my face.  I am thankful for the beautiful smile I see on my husbands face everyday when he walks in from work, and I'm truly grateful for the lives that not only I get to touch, but that touch me on a daily basis.

I don't know what plan God has for me on this earth, but I know I am here for a reason.  I know he allowed me to make the choice to live so that I could accomplish some plan of his, and as long as he lets me keep breathing I am going to do it. 

So thank you to each of you who touch my life, thank you to each of you who trust me to make jewelry for those people that you love, and thank you to each of you who have lost someone, but continue to go on, and love life, and embrace each day with a passion that only God understands.  You are truly amazing examples to me, and I'm thankful for your stories, your love, and your compassion.

Thank you Mitchell, for touching me tonight, and that you to Mitchell's mom's dear friend who asked me to make a necklace that would change the way I look at the world yet again, and remind me of so many reasons why I am thankful I chose to live that day.
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