May 31, 2013

Flowered Pants and the Best Month of my Life

If you follow me on Facebook you know that I have been out of town for the last month.  My husband and I have been staying with my sister's family in Spokane Washington while Davey studied and prepared for the MCAT (the test to get into medical school) which he took yesterday.  It was truly the greatest month of my life, and if I could start from the beginning right now I would.  I'm not sure Dave feels the same. :)

We got there the 1st week in May, and seeing my sister was amazing.  Her husband is a doctor as well and he just finished up all his schooling and got a permanent job in Spokane.  They have a beautiful home, where they let us invade, and they have 4 beautiful children.  From the moment we got there things were crazy, hectic, and so much fun!  Dave was stuck in the basement in a office studying from 9am to 7pm every single day but Sunday, and I had my sister to play with, and man did we play!  This is the longest time I have got to spend with my sister and her family since I lived with them in medical school when I was 18.  

For those of you that don't know, Jamie is my best friend.  She and I are as close as any sisters can be.  She's truly my everything (other than Dave) and I have looked up to her my entire life.  I love her children as my own, and so this was set up to be awesome even before we got there. 

While Dave studied everyday I got to hang out with the kids and Jamie.  After we got all the kids to school the day was ours.  We conquered Spokane.  We shopped till we dropped, went to kids activities, we even went horseback riding (or she did).
  :)  We really did have a blast.  On one of our adventures, we were walking through Target, trying on clothes, when out of the blue the Flowered Pants were hanging out of the corner of my eye.  I about died.  I think I stopped breathing and gasped.  I grabbed them to see if I could find my size, and of course they had every size available (because who really buys flowered pants?)  So I grabbed my size and showed my sis.  She said, "Those are you soooooo YOU!  Go try them on!)  So of course I run to the dressing room for the 8th time (I think the girl at the dressing room hated me) and put them on.  

As I looked in the mirror I squealed with delight!  I ran out of the dressing room, threw my hands in the hair and said, "James, what do you think?"  Like any good "sidekick" shopper, she said I looked "Amazing, and you HAVE to have them!"  So, what was I to do?!  I threw them in the cart and added them to the pile of clothes I had already collected.  3 hours later, we were checking out with our treasures.  As we got in the car I said, "I can't wait for Dave's reaction when I put them on."  Jamie just laughed because she knew.  She knew. 

We got home and decided that we wouldn't show the pants off until the big reveal the following day on "date night".  That would be the perfect time to show him the amazing pants!  In the morning Dave headed downstairs and Jamie had errands to run.  I jumped in the tub, got all cleaned up and put on the pants.  I ran downstairs to show Dave, and with the best Dave style he said, "Well, those are the ugliest pants I've ever seen, and they are sooooo, totally, my wife."  :)  That was all I needed!  I jumped up and down, wrapped my arms around his neck and said, "I know! Right?! They're just so fabulous!"  "Well that's one way to put them."  I didn't care, he couldn't bring down this girl, I kissed him and said, "How does it feel to have the hottest wife in town?!"  Before he could respond I ran out of the office, giddy with delight.
Right at that time Jamie was getting home from her photo shoot, so of course since the camera was already out, I said "Let's take some pics of me!"  She laughed, but of course agreed.  We started shooting all over the house and decided that, Only "Jill-Pill" could pull those pants off.
So what do you all think?  Am I just the funkiest chick ever?  Is my style so over the top that it's terrible?  Or did I nail it like I think I did?  Whatever you think, you're totally entitled to, because it won't change one bit of how much I love these pants.  :)  I think they are my most favorite item I own!

That was just a sample of one of the many great moments that happened this month.  It was so wonderful to be with my sister and brother in law.  Not to mention my brother and sister in law that welcomed their beautiful new baby girl, Emma; into the world.  That was a beautiful moment that I'm so grateful I got to be there for.  I would post pics, but I'm not sure if that would be appropriate. She is perfect, petite, and beautiful.  I love her more than words can express.  I think being an Aunt is the greatest calling in the world.

Speaking of being the "Best Aunt" I went to pick up my nephew from his last day of school and his teacher didn't know me, one of the moms (that I had never met) said, "Mrs.  _____  It's okay! That's the favorite Aunt Jilly."  I loved it more than I can say.  It made my day to know that Charlie had told his teacher that his favorite aunt would be picking him up from school. It takes talent to be the favorite aunt in my family with so many amazing sisters in law.  :)  Little to say, it was an amazing month.

Dave did amazing on his MCAT and is now in the process of applications and interviewing.  Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers that have been with him and our family during this time.  Even with a 
hospital visit while I was there (my stupid stomach) he was still able to focus, study, and nail the test!  We may end up in Spokane for Med School after all.  We're keeping our fingers crossed! 

I can't describe in words what an amazing month we had, and how bittersweet it was to walk in our home this evening.  I have an amazing sister, and I am missing her like crazy, but it's onto our next adventure in life.  Thank you again for your love and understanding of my crazy life.  Thank you for following my life and crazy stories, and letting me into your homes even if it's just on a computer screen.  I feel so blessed to be in them.  I have the greatest followers on the planet.  :)  I hope you all have a great weekend, and wonderful start to your summer!!

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