Jan 31, 2014

Gastric Bypass, Adoption, and Thank You!

I've received so many emails I can't even explain.  Your heartfelt letters, thoughts, compliments, heartaches, and joys, have touched me deeply. I'm so honored to have the pleasure of being a "part" of your life.  You truly enrich mine.  Through all of the emails there has been 1 overwhelming topic; the issue of me not being able to have children.  That is what I would like to address.

The clip you saw on Oprah made it sound like because of the gastric bypass surgery I am unable to bear children.  That is not correct.  I had extreme complications due to the gastric bypass surgery in 2005.  In 2009 I had to undergo 12 surgeries in 1 year.  I was unable to eat anything. I was on IV therapy to keep me alive.  It's because of these surgeries, and these complications that caused me to be unable to bear children.

I know this makes gastric bypass sound bad.  If you've watched my previous shows you know that I would have the surgery again in an instant.  Gastric Bypass is not a bad surgery.  I was unlucky; that's all it was.  People have complications with risky surgeries. That's the way life is.  It's not anyone's fault, it's just the luck of the draw.  Life happens, and you roll with the punches.  I'm just so grateful to be alive, because I was almost gone a few times.

I also want to discuss adoption because SOOO many of you have made the comment, "You can always adopt."  Trust me, I know this.  If any of you have adopted you know the process.  You know the emotional toll it takes on you, and you know how difficult it truly is.  It's not like going to the store and picking up some milk. Adopting isn't easy.  I know Dave and I can adopt, and it's an option for us.  Please don't think that I'm not trying or open to EVERYTHING possible to be able to be a mother.

I want to thank each of you for your love, and concern.  I'm truly blessed to have such beautiful, and amazing people in my life.  You've truly touched my heart more than I can ever express.  The sweet comments I have received have meant so much to me.  They have brought me happiness on some days that have been pretty hard.  You are such wonderful people, and I'm grateful to have you.

Gastric Bypass changed my life.  It wasn't the surgery that made me who I am today, it's because of how I changed after having the surgery.  The steps I took to become the woman I am today would not have happened if I didn't have Gastric Bypass.  I'm so thankful that I made the choice to have the surgery and change my life for the better.

Life isn't great because I'm thin. I've gone through hell and back to become thin.  Trust me, life isn't fabulous because you can fit in a size 4.  My life is great because I wake up everyday and choose to make it great.  I wake up with a smile, and decide that even though I'm in extreme pain all the time, I'm going to be happy.  Even though I have nausea daily, I'm going to smile and love the life I have.  Life is great because I make it that way.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.  You are amazing people, and I'm grateful to know you.  Thank you for your love, support, encouragement, positive attitudes, and the emails that I have saved since I was first on the show in 2005. (Yes, I really have them all saved.)  On days that are hard, I read through them.  They bring me such comfort.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You all have truly blessed my life.


Casey Kee said...

Yes you do have that option to adopt and I know people are saying that to you because they mean well but its heartbreaking to know that you will never feel that baby inside of you with your body creating it. My heart and prayers are with you and your family

Unknown said...

I watched you on the Oprah show and you are an inspiration to me. It's amazing to see how positive you are even though you've been through so much. Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you the best in life.