Nov 16, 2015

My Sweet Bavid

Oh my sweet angel. How much I love you, no words will ever say.
I talk about myself and what I go through a lot on this blog. I rarely discuss how my sweetheart handles our tough situations. He's amazing. Dave handles me with such love, care, patience, and understanding. Not only with our battle to have children, but he's amazing with my Bipolar. I could never ask for a better man.

I always thank his Dad for raising him like he did. Dave is a true gentleman because of his Father. Lou is an absolutely amazing Father in Law. I can't put into words how much this man means to me. For those of you that don't know, Dave is the only boy of 7 girls. He was trained how to treat women. His Father made sure of that. Thank you Dad.

Not only did is Father teach him, but his mom taught him how to love. I never imagined that I would ever be loved like he loves me. It's breathtaking, life changing, and the most beautiful experience God has ever given to me. He truly is the most perfect man on the planet. I don't say lightly. Dave is the most incredible human being that God has ever created. He's definitely the most incredible man for me.

I know that Dave was put on this earth to be with me. We both went through so much to finally be together. Crazy thing, Dave and I were both at our best friend's wedding. Truly, 5 years before I met Dave, he was the best man to my best friend's husband. I didn't meet him. Then we worked out at the same gym for years, and I never met him. It's because neither of us were ready. It had to be the perfect time, and the perfect place. It truly was.

I never knew how amazing life could be. Even when it's difficult, and trying, and hard; it's beautiful. This life I'm allowed to live with this amazing man, is more than I could ever hope for. I'm so blessed. I'm so lucky. I'm so grateful, to a loving Heavenly Father that sent him to me.

My sweet Bavid, I love you more than life itself. I can't imagine a day without you in it. You make life beautiful, and fun, and exciting. I'm so thankful to be your partner in crime in this life. We truly are, "Just 2 lost Souls swimming in a fish bowl" that happened to find each other. I love you my angel. Thank you for being you.