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grammie said...
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Bryce Englin said...


I just read your article "Confessions of a Morman Wife" over at and felt inclined to reach out and contact you through your blog. I personally thought your article was very well written and one that can apply to everyone regardless of religious beliefs or ideology. While I personally don't agree with everything the LDS church teachers, I will admit that I'm very clueless to many things about the LDS religion as well. However, if there's one thing about the LDS religion and culture that I do like is how the members attempt to strive for perfection in a contemporary world, instead of showing hate people show love and are open to discussing about things if people ask. What makes your article worth commenting about is that you I believe you've opened up some eyes and done things in a very good way that presents the average person with a better understanding of an aspect of the LDS religion and for that I thank you. While both me and my wife are practicing Methodists, I believe for us and the great community of all those with values we can learn something from your article at Finally, I want you to know that I'm an active duty member of the US Air Force and that me and my family are stationed in the African Country of Djibouti where I work at the US Embassy. Even with this being a predominately Muslim country I'm go to share your article with Muslim friends of mine, because it needs to be shown. I just want to say thank you for sharing, your article was a great read that I will be sharing.

Bryce T. Englin