Aug 30, 2008

Back to School for Davey

So Dave had his first week back to school this past week. I'm so proud of him he has no idea! He's going into Biology doing the pre-med program. I'm so excited because it's my subject of choice and something I love!! It's been so fun to listen to him talk about school all week long. It makes me miss college a ton! Although he's at the U, we'll try not to hold it against him. :)
He's doing great though. He's so smart it kills me. I have never met a person smarter than Dave. He amazes me with what he says and how he thinks. I don't think I could do all this again. Thank the good Lord it's him going back and not me! I'll leave the school and thinking and becoming a Doctor up to him. He'll be great at it!
You know the best part about school starting again? IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!! I love football and I'm so excited to start going to the U games with Dave. I think I just love doing about anything with him, but football is going to be a blast! The BYU vs. U of U game is at the U so that will be so fun! I guess since I'm dating the guy that goes to the U I can finally like the U guilt free....(sorry fam).
But I'll give BYU this....what's the one thing all of the Utes and Cougars have in common? They all applied to the Y, so I guess everything is even! Go Utes!

Aug 19, 2008

Summer Time

So summer is basically over as of Monday in my mind. Why? Because Dave starts school and when school starts in my head fall has arrived, so I thought I would tell you a little about my summer. It's been awesome! I have had the greatest time in the world. I think this has been the greatest summer I have ever had and I have amazing Dave to thank for that. That kid is wonderful and he treats me like gold and loves me and is just incredible. He has made my summer! Being able to spend time with him has been awesome.
It was also a really good summer because my sister came into town. She was here for a month and it was so great! We got to do so much together and I got to spend so much time with the kids! It has been wonderful! It was so great to wake up to my sweet nieces and nephews everyday. I miss them so much! Today was Jennifer-Kate's birthday and it made me miss her so bad when I called and sang her happy birthday and I wasn't there. I love that little girl! Those children are so sweet and I love them so much! It was also a lot of fun to get to see them play with their cousins. It's so much fun to have all my nieces and nephews around! I love them all a ton! Anyway there's a little bit about my summer. The best parts anyway!