Aug 30, 2008

Back to School for Davey

So Dave had his first week back to school this past week. I'm so proud of him he has no idea! He's going into Biology doing the pre-med program. I'm so excited because it's my subject of choice and something I love!! It's been so fun to listen to him talk about school all week long. It makes me miss college a ton! Although he's at the U, we'll try not to hold it against him. :)
He's doing great though. He's so smart it kills me. I have never met a person smarter than Dave. He amazes me with what he says and how he thinks. I don't think I could do all this again. Thank the good Lord it's him going back and not me! I'll leave the school and thinking and becoming a Doctor up to him. He'll be great at it!
You know the best part about school starting again? IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!! I love football and I'm so excited to start going to the U games with Dave. I think I just love doing about anything with him, but football is going to be a blast! The BYU vs. U of U game is at the U so that will be so fun! I guess since I'm dating the guy that goes to the U I can finally like the U guilt free....(sorry fam).
But I'll give BYU this....what's the one thing all of the Utes and Cougars have in common? They all applied to the Y, so I guess everything is even! Go Utes!


Ashlee said...

It's ok Jill, you can be both a BYU and a U fan...they have those SUPER cute hats that have the U on one side and BYU on the other!!! :D People might throw stuff at you, but Dave can be your bodyguard :D

Kacey said...

We still need to hang out sometime!!! you need to call me!!