Oct 3, 2008

Pink High Heels

Shopping again with the money I don't have. Not only do we have the pink purse, the black hat, and all the crazy clothes in the background that I love and Dave would never want to see me in. LOL it's so funny how much I've changed in just little things. I'm finally ok being cute modest fun little Jilly instead of loud hot pink high heels and red lipstick chick. But it's still fun to play every once in awhile and just see Dave laugh at me. :)


J.ME said...

Wow! Nice of you to drop me a line. I swear...I forgot I had a sister! Glad you are still alive. I know Dave is your life, but don't forget about the one that helped raise you.

Love ya!

Kimberley said...

You have always love your dressups! He can't change that about you!