Jul 4, 2008

July 4th

So Dave and I had so much fun on the 4th! Not surprising we always have fun together! We had a little bbq which Dave is an amazing chef I must admit! He's so cute! We had watermelon and corn chicken and steak. He cooked it all. The boy seriously is a stud! So after dinner we had this great idea to climb up on the roof and watch the fireworks. So Dave gets out the ladder and starts to climb up to the roof and had some "reservations". :) So I climbed up and started walking around and made the decision that there really wasn't any place to sit. Dave was excited about this although he probably wouldn't admit that. So we went into the front of the house and watched all the neighbors fireworks and shot some of our own off.
Dave had some bottle rockets and I thought I would be cool and hold one while it shot off. So he lit it and I held it and shot off and turned my fingers black. I think I screamed (surprise surprise). :) So we did fireworks and then ended our night playing trivial pursuit which he ended up kicking my butt. We had so much fun!!! Happy 4th of July!!!

Davey Boy

So this is my new blog on my life. This picture is a little explanation of how my life is going right now. Let's describe Davey Boy to everyone. Kinda of a cute story.
I drove by LA Boxing and they were hiring so I went in and I got the job as their manager. The second day I was there I was meeting all the clients and just having a blast when in walked Dan Bishop. He looked at me with a little scowl and I smiled and instantly thought the boy hated me. He's Dave's best friend. Anyway I put him in the computer and smiled and then went back to whatever I was doing. About 30 seconds later Dave walked in. I was blown away. I had no idea what to say. The Jiu Jitsu class was starting that Jason taught and Dave walked up to me and said "Hi I'm Dave." Damon introduced us (the owner of the gym) and I said hi and that's about all I could spit out. I was so drawn to this boy I can't even describe. I instantly liked him.
So Dave comes into the gym on M-W-Sa for Jiu Jitsu. So after about 2 weeks of him coming in and him leaving class to come and flirt with me I was finally realizing how much I was liking this boy. It was complicated though because I was still going through some personal stuff and could only really talk to him.
On the 2nd week it was a Tuesday and he came in by himself which he NEVER came in by himself. And, he never came in on a Tuesday. So for some reason the gym was completely empty by 830 and we closed at 10. He walked in and walked to the back and started lifting weights. I was so awkward and shy and had no idea what to say, but it was cute because neither did he. So at 10 I closed up and told him he could keep lifting while I vacuumed. So we would randomly smile at each other and talk and then I would go back to cleaning. After I was done I walked him to the door and he turned around and smiled at me and said thanks. I thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and he made my heart melt. I said sure and locked the door. That was our first time together alone and it was so cool. :)
From there things just better and better. It all started the beginning of February. One day the end of March he came in and was so pissed off. Now let's explain Dave in a bad mood. He's a cocky little SOB anyway and he thinks he's so cool and reminds me exactly of my Dad and brother-in-law Jeff. So he walks in and I asked him how his day was and he said, "shit". I instantly felt bad and wanted to give him a hug but we had never even touched, just talked. So the stalker that I am looked up his info on the computer and got his email. I went home that night and just sent him a simple email telling him that I hope he had a better day. He came into the gym the next day and I asked him if he got my email. His eyes lit up like I had never seen before and he said, "You sent me an email?!" I said yes and he didn't get it. I was bummed but thrilled because he was so excited. Just the little things meant the world to him which I thought was so cute.
Anyway from there things just got better. His 26th birthday was April 26th, so I text him (stalker Jill) and started talking to him that way. Then it moved to the computer and from there I finally got the guts to ask him if I could take him out for his Birthday. He said yes. That was our first official date and from there we have been together ever since.
So many little meaningful crazy things have happened between us that are crazy and mean the world to me. We have so much fun together. On my Birthday we made the whole thing official and said we were "boyfriend/girlfriend" which was awesome. We've been together basically every night since.
I have never had so much fun with a boy and been able to be myself and be loved and appreciated for just who I am. He loves the little things about me that no one else has ever cared about. He appreciates the stupid little random gifts I bring him. He remembers everything and knows what I love and tries to do them for me. He's the most incredible boy I have ever known. I truly love this boy with all my heart. It's cool to truly be in love and have them love you back without any strings attached.
From day 1 he has reminded me of Johnny Cash. Dave is the biggest jerk to everyone and cocky and arrogant and hilarious. But to me he treats me like a Queen and I get to see his true side weather good or bad. It reminds me of Johnny Cash and how he treats everyone but loves June with everything he has. So the other day I was at Wal-Mart and I found a card that was a singing card with a Johnny Cash song. I got it for him and he loved it. It's the little things that are so cool and make our relationship so much fun.
I have never felt like I have been in an relationship where I am treated just like I treat them. I've always felt like I had to do more and it's not like that with Dave. Everything is equal and he treats me like I'm his world and he makes me want to be a better person. He doesn't drag me down he brings me up which is awesome!
So anyway there's the Dave story and the reason my little Johnny Cash is so great and why I love him so much!!