Jul 27, 2008

Look at dem apples!

So I was having an adventure with my sister biking down hobble creek canyon from Cherry. I was doing really good and being very careful. I made it completely out of the canyon with no injuries. As I left Jamie to continue her run and head home to get cleaned up from church I come up to a road. I was going to fast and I knew I was but I wanted to get home. There was a car coming for me so I turned my wheel just a little bit to be closer to the sidewalk. As soon as I did that I knew I had lost control. I hit the sidewalk curb and went flying. Firts thing to hit was my head then my ribs hit the curbed which gave a few of them a nice big bruise. So much for a fun Sunday day with Dave abnd church.
I woke up to this man standing over me saying well we better get you inside. I lift myself up to see that I am laying in a pile of my own blood. He pushes my head forward and says, "Now just stay like that." He and his wife call my mom who comes and gets me and we head for the ER room. So fun.
So in the end 2 layers of stitches and a nice black eye right in time for some fun interviews tomorrow. Go team!!