Nov 4, 2008


So I know creative costume right? I won't lie, I wanted to wear pajamas to work and be comfortable all day! I mean really, how often do you get to wear pj's to work?! So these are the great girls I work with. Sami, Heather, Cyndie, Me, and Tig. I just got a new position at work. I am now over all the liens for the company and also working with accounts. It is so much fun!

This Halloween was a blast! So notice Frankenstein behind us. So no joke this guys is 7'4. I was walking out of my office and starring at something, I then looked up and he was standing right in front of me. I let out the biggest scream of my life. I don't think I have been that scared in a long time! He reached out and grabbed me and I was shaking so bad. The girls got a picture of me screaming, it was pretty funny. I didn't think I was that big of a wuss! We had a big lunch at work and had a ton of candy! of course, Jilly got sick from it all. What's new?

That night Dave and I went to his parents house for Paula's (Dave's Mom's) Birthday. I was scrambling like you would not believe to get her a gift because of course Dave and I procrastinated until the last moment. I ran into 2 different Kneaders and was able to get the last basket they had for her Birthday. Luckily she likes stuff like that so we were good. We got to his house and of course it's a Disney theme party and because traffic was so bad I didn't get to change.

Dave was grumpy and he looked hilarious! If I can get Laurel (Dave's sister) to send me a pic I'll post it. He had on a bald wig, a huge gut, and huge clothes with a beard to top it all off. It was so funny! Everyone laughed when he came in. We had so much fun and Paula was so happy the whole night. I think she really loved her Birthday.

It's so fun hanging out with Dave's family. I feel like they're my own. I love them all so much! His sisters looked so cute and so did all the kids. His dad looked so funny! I promise I'll get pictures of all this and post it. Anyway this Halloween was so fun! This was one of the best Halloweens ever! The only thing that could have made it better was to have all my family and nieces and nephews around!

So I'll invest in a camera I swear and start getting pics! Be patient with me!