Dec 27, 2008


So Christmas this year was the best Christmas I have ever had. Christmas Eve Dave and I spent the night with his family. We played Bingo and had dinner and then spent the night at Dave's mom and dad's. It was so fun! His whole family was there and it was a blast! I'm so excited that I get to be a part of this wonderful family. We exchanged names this year for Christmas and Christmas Eve we exchanged gifts. After that Lou (Dave's Dad) put on the Christmas story put out by our church. After that we sat around and talked and just had a great time being with one another.
Christmas morning was so fun! I forgot how magical children make Christmas! Lilly and Link woke up around 9 and the rest of us got up with them. Lou and Paula had all of us open gifts and we just sat around and spent time with each other. It was so much fun to be with Dave's family. I love them all so much!
After Christmas at the Strasburg's Dave and I headed to the Roberts household. We got to my house just in time for Aebleskivers. You probably have no idea what they are so I'll tell you. They are a swedish pancake that we have every Christmas morning from 10-12pm. We have all the neighbors and family come over and eat some.

This was Dave's first time ever trying them and it was so great because he absolutely loved them! I always love it when people try them for the first time because they always fall in love instantly. They are truly delicious and they really make the Roberts home a real Christmas!

After breakfast we opened presents and then Dave and I just hung around and vegged. It was so great to just be with Dave and spend our first Christmas together. He gave me the greatest present ever! He had a wooden sign made for me that says "Strasburg Est. 2009" it is the coolest thing ever! It was my most favorite gift this year. It touched me so much. I think he's probably as excited as I am to get married! It was so cute to see how excited he was by how much I loved it! It made my Christmas! I'll have to take a picture and put it on here.

This Christmas really was the best! Not only did I get to be with my family and my best friend, I got to spend time with my future family and my soon-to-be husband. Pretty dang cool if you ask me!