Aug 25, 2009

My Productive Cooking Day

I had a very fun and productive day today. I wanted to cook a bunch of recipes that I found on some blogs last night. I was just messing around and found a "healthy" food blog and also just a delicious recipe blog. I wrote down a few of the recipes I liked and decided to make them for Dave. He's so lucky. :) He is always the one to try out my new creations. I made 2 so-called healthy dishes and 2 umm, not-so-healthy dishes.
I got up and went to the store this morning in search of flax seed. I found a bunch of recipes with ground flax seed in it, and since I have a grinder I decided I would try a few. Luckily Smiths is just down the road and they have a huge organic and health food section in the store. I love it! It makes it nice when I'm looking for my soy products. Anyway the peanut rolls I made are 100% Natural. They are really healthy, high in ptotein, and taste delicious. They are my new favorite snack.
Here are some pictures of my cooking day!
Banana Bread
The Delicious and Healthy Peanut Rolls

Chicken, Broccoli, and Tomato Pasta

Bacon, Egg, and Tomato Casserole


Curt, Lace and Harper said...

Yummy! They all look great. Way to be a good little wife!

Laurz and Bric said...

Looks delicious!! I am still waiting for you to invite me over so you can to teach me your awesome cooking skills...:)

Jilly said...

How about this, since I don't have a schedule and you do you just come over when you have a chance. I have a list of recipes that we can make!! The boys will love it. On your day off come over and later on we'll invite Bric and Dave will come home and we'll have lots of yummy food!!! :)