Sep 1, 2009

My Crock-Pot Cooking Week

So this week I have decided that I am going to learn how to use a crock pot to cook something other than a roast. I searched the internet and cook books and blogs last night and found my weeks worth of recipes. This morning I headed to Smith's and got everything I needed. I am trying this healthy living lifestyle because I love Dave so much, and I bought everything from the whole, natural, and organic, section of the store. Tonight's creation is called "The All-American Meatloaf". It sounds really good and since I love meatloaf I am really excited! Here are this week's cooking line-up:
Garlic Chicken, Greek Rice, and Roasted Asparagus
All-American Meatloaf
Rosemary Chicken with white beans
Swiss Mushroom Chicken
Macaroni and Cheese
Saturday (My favorite)
Clam Chowder
Horseradish Roast
I'll let you all know how my creations turn out and which ones I liked the best. If you want any recipes let me know!!

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