Sep 21, 2009

Random Freezing Post

So I am sitting in my house right now my thermostat says 61 so I broke down, turned on the fire and pulled out the space heater. I'M FREEZING!! It is definitely the first day of fall! Dave said it is cold up on campus too. It kinda makes me sad. My other random post this week is something I am extremely excited about!! I have found the cure for cold sores and it is not a prescription. For the last 4 months I have had cold sores every week. It had been horrible. They have covered my lips, given me swollen glans, made my head hurt, and last night I was in tears because I was in so much pain.

I was reading online and discovered Lysine. It's a protein that our bodies can't create, so we have to take it. So last night I went to the store and bought a bottle of 1000mg caplets. I came home and took 4. This morning and I woke up and granted they are not gone, but they are drying out! I am taking it along with vitamin C and Valtrex. Even my valtrex doesn't work this well though. I am so excited!! I feel so great! My head isn't hurting as bad and neither is my mouth. Tylenol is also helping. But for those of your who suffer from cold sores I would highly recommend Lysine. It's cheap and it works. Take 1 1000mg capsule daily and when you get that feeling that you are going to get a cold sore triple up and take 4000mg. Continue to take 4000mg daily until it goes away. I promise it helps! If you can get valtrex I would take that too!

So why I patiently wait for Dave's student loans to come in my hair is suffering. I want to dye blond and brown in it for fall and want to go to jagged edge salon. I have to wait for a Monday though because they do coupons on Monday and they are very expensive but they are the best I have found next to Shep in Provo.

I have also become crafty. So coming up I have my mothers Birthday, Paula's Birthday, Micaela's Birthday, Rachel's Birthday, Skyler's Birthday, and then I have Jamie and Lilly and Bonnie for Christmas to plan for. I have my mom, Paula, Micaela, Rachel, Jamie, and Bonnie done!! I am so on top of things. I just have Sky and Lilly. This should be pretty simple.

OK there's this weeks update. I think I am going to break down and go turn on my heater. I am freezing!!!!


Jake, Mel, and Girls said...

Sorry to hear about your cold sores, if I'd have known before I would have told you about the Lysine. Jake's been using that for years and it works like a charm!I've never had a cold sore before, so I don't know what it feels like, but he when he can feel the cold sore coming on he takes the Lysine and it stops the cold sore before it even comes. And good job on your Christmas stuff! You're motivating me to get started! :)

My Life said...

Sorry about your cold sores, glad you found a cure. Now go find a cure for endometriosis lol. Hey - my hair is a mess because i've been trying to save Clay money by DIY ing my hair lol. When you go to this salon, take me with you? I had a look online and it says Mon, Tue & wed it's 49.95 for a cut and color? That's GREAT!!!

Jilly said...

Mel, I'm blaming you and Jake for not telling me sooner!! ;) No, I really am glad I found it! I can't believe how great it works!

Kei-I'm working in that cure and yes it is true about the salon! And they're great!