Oct 30, 2009

Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

Kirkie Poo-Jilli-and Davey
Dave Carving his Pumpkin

Hitch-Hiker from Hell
Momma Cay and Me
Dave and his sexy Wife

What would Oprah think of me now?! It's officially been 3 years since I was on her show.

Since I won't be with my family on Halloween I decided to dress up for the Pumpkin Carving party. I was out in the garage and found Dave's Billy Bob teeth. I had this amazing idea to dress up as the Hitch-hiker from hell. I looked pretty freaky.

The best part of the whole night was when I went to Art City Elementary to scare Jen (my sister's sister-in-law). She was working at the Book Fair there. It was pretty comical walking down the hallways of the school. There was a couple sitting in the hallway and the lady looked at me and then did a fast double take. She then leaned over to her husband and told him to look. He casually leaned forward and had the most shocked look on his face. I wanted them to know I was joking, so I took out my teeth and asked them if they could tell me where the Book Fair was. They laughed and lead me in the right direction.

When I got to the Library I started walking toward where Jen was sitting. She looked up and then just as fast looked away. I walked right up to her and said, "Do y'all have any discounts on your books?" She couldn't even look at me. She said yes, got up and walked to the middle of the floor and started pointing out books. She was so nervous. Finally I started laughing and she said, "Are you faking?" I took my teeth out as she asked, "Who in the hell are you?!" I took my hat off and she punched me. I was laughing so hard and she was dying. I gave her hug and told her that I was sorry, but I had to come give her a hard time. It was pretty comical. She later told my Dad that when I was walking in she felt so bad because "I just thought she was a cute girl. She just should have tried a bit harder to cover up the bruises." LOL I love Jen! I have to admit that she and her co-worker acted so completely professional when I walked in. I was very impressed with their ability to keep their stares and shock under control. :)

Yesterday was our annual Pumpkin Carving party at Grandma Cay's and Papa Kirk's house. We had so much fun!! Dave has had his Pumpkin planned for 2 months. I came up with mine last night along with everyone else. It was also Micaela's Birthday party. She turned 7! Here are a few of the pumpkins. Halle was the winner of the children and Kirk won the prize for the adults! Halle and Micaela
Kirkie Poo with his Witch

Me and my New York Yankee Pumpkin

Oct 28, 2009

The Snow is Here!

So yesterday the snow started to fall in Highland. By the end of the night the entire yard was covered and my yard looks like a winter wonderland. Along with the snow came the infamous Highland wind. It blew all night long and kept Dave and I up for most of the night! I guess that mother earth doesn't just want us to see that winter is here, she wants us to hear that winter is here! Oh well, I better enjoy it until the snow drifts start. It's official though, my driving for the year has come to an end until the snow goes away. Welcome Winter!

Oct 23, 2009

Quote of the Day

"I'm not cynical; I'm just experienced."

So when Dave and I started dating I used to have a quote of the day EVERY day. So today's quote is the one above. I saw it and liked it so much I had to post it on my blog. It kinda describes my life up to this point. It's not that I don't believe what you're saying, or think you're funny, or anything else, I just know that 99% of the time most people are full of BS and just saying what they want to get someone to acknowledge them. I can say this because I do this too. People love to hear themselves talk. It's human nature. People love to hear the sound of their own voice and they love to sound like they know what they're talking about. I guess the reason I am feeling this way this morning is because I was sitting here watching the news and I'm sorry but Big Buddha on Fox 13 drives me absolutely insane. He talks and talks and talks AND TALKS, about nothing really. He just runs his mouth. So, it's not that I hate him I just know all about people who run their mouths and have nothing to say. He, in my mind, describes my quote above.

Another example? So I love late night shows. I think they're funny and comical and somewhat witty, but in all reality they think they are a lot more funny then they actually are. They also think that they are experts in every subject they talk about when in all actuality they just talk because they have a million thoughts rushing through their brains.

My goal for this week is to really think about what I say before I say it. I don't want to be the person who is so cynical because I just am sick of hearing what lame pointless people have to say. I'll be cynical because I'm experienced and know the truth from the lie. Sorry if this makes no sense. It made sense in my head as I was talking through it with myself, so who knows, maybe I'm one of the people I'm describing that I don't want to be like at all. And maybe I misunderstood the quote all together. :) Have a great weekend everyone!!

Oct 21, 2009

Fashion Designer Day

Well I have wanted 2 outfits for a VERY long time. The 1st being tights and a long tunic sweater to go over them. I still haven't gotten that one. The 2nd is a pair of "boyfriend/weekend" jeans. Since Dave and I are starving students and don't have any extra money I had to improvise. I took Dave's smallest pair of jeans today and decided that with a belt and a little imagination I could have a pair of boyfriend jeans. So I put them on, rolled up the legs, and slapped on a belt to tighten them up. I'm actually very impressed with myself. They are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn! Why weren't boyfriend jeans a trend years ago? I seriously have never put on a pair of jeans that feel so comfortable but are so cute! I feel quite crafty and fashionable today. Dave came home from school and even said I looked cute, so I was pretty happy with myself. I didn't feel bad stealing Dave's jeans either because they are a pair that he never wears. So not only do I look cute, but I'm comfortable, and saved $30 because that is what the pair that I wanted from Old Navy costs. I'll have to take a picture and post it so you can all see how amazing I am! :)

I am also slow cooking a rack of BBQ ribs for 10 hours today and they are going to be amazing. I feel like I've accomplished quite a lot on this Wednesday. Tomorrow I think I'll sleep in and relax all day. LOL Wow, I don't know how I am ever going to be a mom and have to worry about little kids. I'm too into doing my own things. I'm sure I'll change when the time comes. For right now, I am going to enjoy being married and having no one to worry about but Dave and Me. Life is sweet!

Oct 15, 2009

LDS Hospital should be renamed to: "Jilly's 2nd Home"

Yes it's true, Dave and I had another fun filled weekend at LDS Hospital. It started Saturday night with a lot of pain because I had eaten a salad that wouldn't work it's way through my intestine. Finally after a lot of praying and A LOT of pain it worked it's way through. Sunday came and I thought since my salad moved through I would be okay to eat an apple; bad idea. It started out as a light pain and quickly grew more intense. Dave and I thought it was a blockage and after a lot of screaming and crying Dave decided to take me to the Hospital. We weren't sure how serious it was, so we decided to head straight to Salt Lake.

We stopped at the new hospital on 5400 south in Murray. I couldn't sit still I was hurting so bad. The hospital didn't consider me an "emergency" so they had me wait in excruciating pain for about 20min. Finally Dave had, had enough and checked me out of the "waiting list" and took me to LDS hospital. Of course LDS took me right in. They are truly the greatest hospital ever.

The doctor was so calming as he came in to settle me down and ask what was going on. I explained through tears that I hadn't been able to keep food down, I kept dry heaving, and I was having massive pain in my left upper side. He ordered a CT scan and some anti anxiety medication to relax me. After the CT scan the doctor came in to tell me the results. Here is the crazy part. You know how we are all taught that we need more fiber in our diets? I was eating too much fiber food.

On top of that, ever since Sunday I have been so nauseated I can't even eat. Talking makes me gag and even liquids are causing me to feel as though I will throw up. I feel terrible. I just wish my body would start to like me and work properly.

It was really sad when they told me to put on the Hospital gown. I just started to bawl because I was back in the hospital. It was quite traumatizing after what I went through this summer. I was scared to death that they would have to do surgery. Luckily mine and Dave's prayers were answered and they let me go home.

So I'm back to my intestines working but I have to take Zofran for how nauseated I am. I swear weekends hate me! I can never just have a nice relaxing weekend without some emergency. :P At least there was no need for surgery and I am home with my husband where I should be. Now if I could just stop being nauseous I would be great!!

Oct 14, 2009

förmiddag som i lärer att tala svensk

I think I look pretty Swedish. I'll blend in well once I can speak it!
So I am learning the Swedish Language. I have been doing lessons since last Thursday. It's amazing to me that I am actually able to read in Swedish right now. It takes me awhile to figure sentences out, but I can do it!! Speaking is really hard. It's tough to get the accent down and know the different sounds of the words with little symbols above the letters. Each "A" has a different sound when it has a different symbol over it. 2 words can be spelled exactly the same but have a symbol on the top of one and they mean completely different things.

I have been impressed with how quick I'm catching on and getting through the lessons, but I'm a little frustrated this week so far. I am into lesson 8 and they are teaching me verbs. I had the hardest times with verbs when I learned Spanish as well. Knowing a little how the Spanish language works screws with my Swedish training. In Spanish the girl verbs end with an "A" and the boys end with an "O". In Swedish it is the exact opposite and getting my brain to switch is difficult. I have done the same lesson 11 times in a row already and still have not gotten 100% I'm kind of anal and don't go to the next lesson until I can test on the one I'm on and get 100/100. It works though because I can read and write very well. Well, at least I think it's well for knowing it a little less than a week. :)

The reason I am learning to speak Swedish is because I am going to go to Sweden to spend a week with my cousin Anna-Karin and her family. That is my goal anyways. When Dave is finished with school we are going to go to Sweden and Germany (for his family reunion). I've always wanted to travel to Sweden because it is where my family is from. I want to see where my Grandmother and Grandfather lived. I want to learn to cook their dishes and see their culture. Plus, it would be so cool to see hundreds of people who look like me! :) Tall and Blond! How awesome would that be? I'll fit right in over there and just look like a local. Nice! LOL

My sweet cousin sent me recipes in Swedish because she knows how much I love to cook. She wants me to figure out how to convert the recipes to English and try them, and I want to have Dave try amazing Swedish food. I have searched for a Swedish restaurant or shop in Utah and I have yet to find one where I can buy food to try. If any of you know of one you need to let me know! I think it would be so great to cook with real Swedish products. Until that happens I guess the closest thing I can get to Swedish food is Ikea. lol

Swedish is such a beautiful and powerful language. You just sound so confident and full of pride when you speak it. I love listening to myself pronounce what I am reading. The accent to the words are beautiful. I can't wait until I speak to another person in Swedish and understand what they are saying! For right now I just have my computer and the pictures to communicate with.

The program I am using is Rosetta Stone Language learning. If any of you are looking for a new hobby I would HIGHLY recommend learning a language, and if you do I would definitely recommend this program. They work at your pace and with your level and they do it in such a way that your brain remembers it. I was reading it clearly after a few hours. It's such an amazing program. I'm taking it slow though. I gave myself a year to learn the language. My goal is to master 1 lesson a day. The following day I take the test and if I still remember it I'll move on. If I don't understand it, then do the lesson over until I get it. It's working great for me.

It's so fun to learn. I miss school so much and so I am so grateful that I have found something else that I can do to further my knowledge in an area. I feel so productive and it's so fun! It's fun because my Dad will send me emails in Swedish (and though I don't know how he does it quite as of yet) and I have to figure them out. It keeps me motivated. I know it will just get better and better! Have a great week and I'll talk to you all later!!

Oct 4, 2009

The House is Done!!!

The Front of the House
Well yesterday everyone from the ward came over to lay the sod in the yard. It looks amazing!! Lou and Paula have done such an amazing job. The yard is done, the rocks are put in, the sod is laid, the flowers are planted, the cement is in, and the curbing is finished!! It looks so beautiful! Here are a few pics of the finished yard!!
Everyone did such an amazing job! Lou and Paula have been over here every night for about 3 weeks straight! They must be exhausted, but their hard work has paid off and the yard looks beautiful! Thanks again to everyone who helped and I hope your soreness goes away pretty soon! ;)