Oct 14, 2009

förmiddag som i lärer att tala svensk

I think I look pretty Swedish. I'll blend in well once I can speak it!
So I am learning the Swedish Language. I have been doing lessons since last Thursday. It's amazing to me that I am actually able to read in Swedish right now. It takes me awhile to figure sentences out, but I can do it!! Speaking is really hard. It's tough to get the accent down and know the different sounds of the words with little symbols above the letters. Each "A" has a different sound when it has a different symbol over it. 2 words can be spelled exactly the same but have a symbol on the top of one and they mean completely different things.

I have been impressed with how quick I'm catching on and getting through the lessons, but I'm a little frustrated this week so far. I am into lesson 8 and they are teaching me verbs. I had the hardest times with verbs when I learned Spanish as well. Knowing a little how the Spanish language works screws with my Swedish training. In Spanish the girl verbs end with an "A" and the boys end with an "O". In Swedish it is the exact opposite and getting my brain to switch is difficult. I have done the same lesson 11 times in a row already and still have not gotten 100% I'm kind of anal and don't go to the next lesson until I can test on the one I'm on and get 100/100. It works though because I can read and write very well. Well, at least I think it's well for knowing it a little less than a week. :)

The reason I am learning to speak Swedish is because I am going to go to Sweden to spend a week with my cousin Anna-Karin and her family. That is my goal anyways. When Dave is finished with school we are going to go to Sweden and Germany (for his family reunion). I've always wanted to travel to Sweden because it is where my family is from. I want to see where my Grandmother and Grandfather lived. I want to learn to cook their dishes and see their culture. Plus, it would be so cool to see hundreds of people who look like me! :) Tall and Blond! How awesome would that be? I'll fit right in over there and just look like a local. Nice! LOL

My sweet cousin sent me recipes in Swedish because she knows how much I love to cook. She wants me to figure out how to convert the recipes to English and try them, and I want to have Dave try amazing Swedish food. I have searched for a Swedish restaurant or shop in Utah and I have yet to find one where I can buy food to try. If any of you know of one you need to let me know! I think it would be so great to cook with real Swedish products. Until that happens I guess the closest thing I can get to Swedish food is Ikea. lol

Swedish is such a beautiful and powerful language. You just sound so confident and full of pride when you speak it. I love listening to myself pronounce what I am reading. The accent to the words are beautiful. I can't wait until I speak to another person in Swedish and understand what they are saying! For right now I just have my computer and the pictures to communicate with.

The program I am using is Rosetta Stone Language learning. If any of you are looking for a new hobby I would HIGHLY recommend learning a language, and if you do I would definitely recommend this program. They work at your pace and with your level and they do it in such a way that your brain remembers it. I was reading it clearly after a few hours. It's such an amazing program. I'm taking it slow though. I gave myself a year to learn the language. My goal is to master 1 lesson a day. The following day I take the test and if I still remember it I'll move on. If I don't understand it, then do the lesson over until I get it. It's working great for me.

It's so fun to learn. I miss school so much and so I am so grateful that I have found something else that I can do to further my knowledge in an area. I feel so productive and it's so fun! It's fun because my Dad will send me emails in Swedish (and though I don't know how he does it quite as of yet) and I have to figure them out. It keeps me motivated. I know it will just get better and better! Have a great week and I'll talk to you all later!!

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The Walker's said...

I think its so awesome you are learning Swedish!! Keep up the good work! And by the way, your house is gorgeous! I love it!