Nov 9, 2009

My New Favorite Thing

I have found make-Up that is amazing, mineral, healthy, and 75% less than the mac and bare esscentuals make-up that I normally buy. Just to put in perspective, my normal foundation from bare esscentuals is $25 for a small little container. The exact same foundation from my new website $5!!! That is amazing to me. In fact my entire purchase of a set of new brushes, mineral foundation, concealer, cover-up, 2 eye shadows, 1 lipstick, 2 lip liners, 1 eye liner, and a mineral blush, cost me the exact same price that it would cost me to purchase 2 Mac eye shadows!

I had heard about this make-up from a friend, but was a skeptic because I had never used it. This month I was reading in my Glamour magazine and they brought up the make-up line and how amazing it is. They basically gave me some tips that I needed desperately bad. They said to do a few things, so I'm going to share them with you:

1. Go through your make-up and throw away everything you have not used in over 6 months
2. If you don't already have one, get a good set of tweezers
3. If you don't already have one, get a good make-up holding case
4. Throw away your bronzing powder. It will always make you look fake
5. Start using mineral make-up. Not only will it blend better, but it will improve your skin
6. Invest in a good concealer, brown eyeliner, and a nude lip gloss
7. Invest in a good sharpener
8. Have a great set of brushes along with a brush cleaner

So, those are a few of their suggestions. What did i decide to do? I did exactly what they said. I went into my make-up case and threw away all my make-up I don't use. I had lipstick and eye shadow from High School that I still have never used!! I cried when I threw away my bronzer, but Dave will be thrilled because he hates it when I wear it. He thinks I look orange, so apparently Glamour is right. I bought a brush cleaner and invested in a "good" set of brushes. I have had the same brushes since High School, so I completely justified getting them, and I couldn't beat the price. I got rid of my non-mineral make-up. And lastly, I invested in my first ever mineral concealer.

Another thing that I loved about this website is I got to see how the make-up would look on me before I purchased it. They have a makeover where you get to choose your hairstyle, face shape, eye color, hair color, lip size, eyebrows, etc. I mixed and matched make-up, picked the stars that I think look good, and chose colors that Dave likes. Very natural looking make-up. Then I designed my girl and they gave me a list of the make-up to buy to get that look. It was great!

Now I don't want you to think that I am sharing all this because it's some MLM thing or something. I just genuinely love it and was excited about it. I thought that every girl should be able to afford beautiful make-up, and I wanted to share it with my girlfriends.

Okay, drum roll please. The website is E.L.F. Cosmetics.

It is such a fun website and I truly think you will like it. I have researched reviews on their brushes and I have learned that the best are their "studio" brushes. They are soft and don't shed. The reviews I have found on this make-up is amazing. Everyone loves it and now in this months Glamour they tell you how much they love it! The lipstick is so moisturizing and soft! I am all for make-up that gives me healthier more beautiful skin!

I hope all of you enjoy it if you do purchase make-up from there. The average cost is $3 per item!! Yes, I said 3!! They do have make-up other than mineral, but the mineral is my favorite. If you have never tried mineral make-up I would definitely recommend buying 1 item on this website that is a mineral item and just test it out. I have never felt as beautiful as I do when I have mineral make-up on. I feel flawless and light and airy and stunning. Plus, it's so much fun to put on make-up. It makes it even better knowing you are getting good make-up for cheap!

If any of my friends purchase any make-up from ELF I want you to leave me a comment and tell me how you like it, what you purchased, and if you would recommend, so I can try it!! I don't have my brushes yet, but when I get them I will let you know how good they really are. I will admit that those are the only thing I have really been skeptical about because I know how expensive good brushes are. So here's to keeping my fingers crossed and looking beautiful!!


Curt, Lace and Harper said...

I love ELF makeup too. I have been using it for about 5 months or so. I love the price, plus it is great quality.

Jilly said...

Hey Lac have you tried their brushes? Mine haven't come yet, but I want to know if they are as good as the reviews say they are. Tell me what your favorite product of theirs is too, so I can try it out.

The Walker's said...

This is great info Jill! I am going to need to make a change because my skin is really struggling. I use Nu Skin's makeup, but I don't think it is mineral. I'll have to check. Anyway, thanks for the heads up!

Jessica Anderson said...

Doesn't Oprah use elf? is that way your so into it.. ;) so.. a few years ago when E.L.F. was doing a promotion where EVERYTHING was $1. I bought about 25 items.. among them I tried everything I could, I was happy with a few things but VERY disapointed in others. I really liked the brushes, I will have to say they work great and sooo worth getting with them being so cheap. Their tweezers are awsome too. I love mine. It's hard to find a good pair and i'm pretty sure that's where I got mine?.. hum.. anyways, the mascara was CRAP! It was dried out... Maybe it was an old one they sold me and it had gone dry or i don't know what, but i had to throw it away before i got to use it once. the eyeshadow is great, i still have some of them that i use from a couple years ago, it's lasted forever. i bought concealer and for undereyes... had to toss them, they were crap. But like I said, hopefully it was just a fluke and EVERYTHING i got that was liquidey, was all dried out by accident.. hope that helps

Jilly said...

Jess, I use the mineral make-up so I've never personally tried their liquid make-up, but I really like their mineral stuff. Oprah likes ELF?! No wonder I love it!! ;)