Nov 29, 2009

Surgery Wednesday

Well I am getting surgery to remove 6 inches on my small intestine at LDS Hospital on Wednesday. I am a little scared, but I know I am going to be fine and that this will make it so I can eat again. Well eat something other than protein water. They found a dilated loop in my small bowel and have to remove it. I will be there for 3 days recovering. It will be so nice to have this fixed and not be in constant pain 24/7 anymore. Dave has school so won't able to be with me and my mom is in Oklahoma, so I will be hanging out at the Hospital all alone. If any of you get bored and want to come visit me I would absolutely love a visit! They always make me feel so much better!

I don't know what time I go in for surgery yet, but will find out on Tuesday. I am going to get my hair done tomorrow so I don't look like a sick ugly person while I'm there. Dave and I call it hospital hair when my roots have grown out because they only time I don't get my hair done is when I am sick. :) So my sweet hairstylist is going to do my hair tomorrow morning.

I can't believe how exhausted I am all the time and cold. I guess that's what happens when you have no nutrients in your little body. This surgery can't come soon enough. I just want to feel better again. I truly believe that this will be my last surgery and that I will start feeling better after this.

My sister and brother in law are here and I got to spend some time with them last night which was so fun. I'm just relaxing on the couch now and I think I might take a nap.

If you want to come see me in the Hospital I would love you too! It's LDS Hospital on 8th Ave and C Street in Salt Lake City. I will be on the 6th floor west. Any visits would be greatly appreciated. Just give me a call before you come so I know you are coming. LDS Hospital number is: 801-408-1100.

Love you all tons! -Jilly-

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Curt, Lace and Harper said...

Good luck sweetie! I have kept you in my prayers. Can you text while there? I will text you and hopefully come and chill with ya! I know too that you are going to get better. Love Ya Lots Girlie. I know what you mean about your hair. Hair is a huge deal. When it looks good you always feel better.