Dec 13, 2009

Humbled and Touched

Today I had one of the many incredible experiences I seem to be having lately thanks to all the prayers being said on mine and Dave's behalf. Last night I had a rough night. I didn't sleep a wink. I was kind of cranky this morning and not feeling too good. Dave had a meeting with the Bishop at 10 and so I woke him up and got him on his way. A little after he had left I heard someone shoveling my walk. My sweet sweet neighbor had shoveled my entire driveway and walk. I just started crying (I seem to be quite emotional these days). Well then a miracle happened about an hour later. Let's begin with yesterday.

I went to put gas in my car yesterday and my card wouldn't go through. I called my bank to see why and found that I only had $13 in my bank account. I was devastated. My anxiety shot through the roof and I just started to cry. Dave assured me we were going to be just fine, but I just didn't see how. We didn't have very many groceries, I had prescriptions that needed to be filled, and I have an upcoming Doctor's appointment to pay for, our student loan money has not come in and thanks to all of my lovely health problems Dave and I have just been struggling money wise. It's been tough since I lost my job due to my health as well.

This morning I got down on my knees and said my prayers before I went and got Dave up, just asking my Father in Heaven for some help. Through tears in my eyes I woke up my husband with a hug and kiss and sent him to the Bishops office. About an hour later he walked in with 2 HUGE gift baskets full of food. He told me that when he got home they were sitting on our porch.

I literally lost it. I just started bawling. I couldn't believe how my Heavenly Father was blessing me when I was being so stressed and doubtful earlier. It was full of not only food that Dave can eat, but all the soft foods you could imagine for me. Someone from our ward anonymously brought us massive amounts of food that we so desperately needed. In fact it was so much it filled our entire fridge, freezer, and pantry. I can't explain to you the gratitude I had in my heart. Something that we were in such desperate need of and couldn't afford and here it was for us. My prayers were truly answered.

On top of that the Bishop said so many wonderful things to Dave and truly helped him out. Dave has needed someone through all of this just as much if not more than I have and I was so grateful for the inspiration that the Bishop had to call him in and talk to him and let him know that there are people out there that care and want to help us.

I truly have never been so humbled in all my life. My Heavenly Father knew that Dave and I couldn't make it on our own at this moment and so he sent angels to save us. I am so grateful for answered prayers. I am so thankful to inspired people. I am so thankful to be a part of a ward that knows of our situation, is aware that we are struggling, and have been in the situation that they can help. We are truly so blessed. I have never had such a confirmation that my Father in Heaven and Savior love me so much as I did today. They are aware of me. They know of my struggles. They know of our hardships. They know each one of us personally and if we will ask he will help us. He does answer prayers and he does love us so much individually.

And then on top of all of that my Dad said he would co-sign a loan with Dave and I so we could get money because no one else we asked would, so because of the great love that my Dad has for us and his extreme generosity we will be able to have a little bit extra money to live on.

I don't know who you are that did what you did for my husband and I today, but you will never understand what it means to us. You will never know the appreciation that we have in our hearts for you, and you will never understand the love that we felt from a complete stranger. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for listening to the spirit, following the prompting, and helping us out when we so desperately needed it. I can't explain how truly thankful we are for your wonderful service and love.


Vicki said...

what a beautiful story Jill! if anyone isn't in the Christmas spirit they will be after reading that. truly the spirit of the Savior comes thru those angels that he sends to us in our time of need. i'm glad to know that you have such a wonderful ward!!

brittney and leeon said...

That is so neat Jill! I want to move into your ward it sounds amazing. I hope that things continue to get better for you and Dave.

The Walker's said...

That is so sweet, there are some amazing people out there! I love hearing positive stories like that amongst all the yucky stuff that happens in the world and on the news. Have you ever thought about getting on unemployment? Maybe you already are, but if not you might want to think about it. And P.S., we are STILL waiting for our student loan money too, it is RIDICULOUS. I don't know what happened, but they have been so slow this year. Good luck sweetie pie!

Elder and Sister Roundy said...
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Carolyn said...

I had to delete my last post because I was signed up under my parent's name... but I just said that this is so great to hear about. What an awesome experience. You are loved so much! Good luck with everything. Money problems suck!!

Jilly Strasburg said...

Thank you for all your comments everyone! I'm so grateful for the small miracles that Dave and I receive on a daily basis. We are very blessed. I love y'all tons!!

Briana said...

That's what happens for someone with as vibrant and amazing a spirit as you have. Prayers are answered and you are carried through your trials. I'm thrilled your prayers were answered so quickly, with exactly what you needed. Keep that positive attitude, hold on to your strength, and amazing things will always happen for you! :)