May 2, 2009

Cinnamon Roll Adventure

So today I had this grand idea to make cinnamon rolls because I was going to do them last week for Dave's birthday, but got sick. So I woke up today super early, ran to wal-mart and got what I needed and came home and started baking. Well in the process of the 1st batch (yes I said 1st) I added too much sugar and the dough was super sweet, so I had to throw it away and start over. The 2nd batch I did everything perfect! I let the yeast rise and the added everything correctly. When it came to the raising of the dough I let it sit, and sit, and sit. It didn't move. It stayed the same height and didn't get big at all. Feeling very discouraged I called my mom (for the 12th time this morning) and asked her what was happening. We first decided it was too cold in my house, so I put it in the bathroom with a heater. Still nothing happened to the dough. Then I put it in front of the fire; no movement. I then called my mom and asked her about my old yeast that I used and she said that, that was most likely my problem. It looks like the 3rd batch will be a charm. I'm still cooking the second batch because I'm so frustrated and just want something to show. I dusted them with sugar and cinnamon and put them in the oven and oddly enough they are getting bigger. I'm shocked. I'm in the process right now of waiting for them to cook and I'm going to scream. Now to put this into perspective I have been doing this for the last 5 hours and I still have nothing to show for it. I'm never cooking again! :) J/k Well soon enough I will take a picture of my flat, non-fluffy, heavy, creations of cinnamon rolls and post them, so you can all see what a great cook I am :P Poor Dave, 2 weeks and still no grand Birthday breakfast. So sad. :)
So this is the first attempt and where they ended up.