Oct 15, 2009

LDS Hospital should be renamed to: "Jilly's 2nd Home"

Yes it's true, Dave and I had another fun filled weekend at LDS Hospital. It started Saturday night with a lot of pain because I had eaten a salad that wouldn't work it's way through my intestine. Finally after a lot of praying and A LOT of pain it worked it's way through. Sunday came and I thought since my salad moved through I would be okay to eat an apple; bad idea. It started out as a light pain and quickly grew more intense. Dave and I thought it was a blockage and after a lot of screaming and crying Dave decided to take me to the Hospital. We weren't sure how serious it was, so we decided to head straight to Salt Lake.

We stopped at the new hospital on 5400 south in Murray. I couldn't sit still I was hurting so bad. The hospital didn't consider me an "emergency" so they had me wait in excruciating pain for about 20min. Finally Dave had, had enough and checked me out of the "waiting list" and took me to LDS hospital. Of course LDS took me right in. They are truly the greatest hospital ever.

The doctor was so calming as he came in to settle me down and ask what was going on. I explained through tears that I hadn't been able to keep food down, I kept dry heaving, and I was having massive pain in my left upper side. He ordered a CT scan and some anti anxiety medication to relax me. After the CT scan the doctor came in to tell me the results. Here is the crazy part. You know how we are all taught that we need more fiber in our diets? I was eating too much fiber food.

On top of that, ever since Sunday I have been so nauseated I can't even eat. Talking makes me gag and even liquids are causing me to feel as though I will throw up. I feel terrible. I just wish my body would start to like me and work properly.

It was really sad when they told me to put on the Hospital gown. I just started to bawl because I was back in the hospital. It was quite traumatizing after what I went through this summer. I was scared to death that they would have to do surgery. Luckily mine and Dave's prayers were answered and they let me go home.

So I'm back to my intestines working but I have to take Zofran for how nauseated I am. I swear weekends hate me! I can never just have a nice relaxing weekend without some emergency. :P At least there was no need for surgery and I am home with my husband where I should be. Now if I could just stop being nauseous I would be great!!