Nov 2, 2009

Halloween Fun/Paula's Party

This picture was the best of Halloween night. Bric, Dave, and Laurz, got in for a picture together. Dave told me to take it and it snapped right as he was kissing Bric. Bricden completely freaked out right after I grabbed the shot. It was absolutely hilarious and made the whole night!! Dave also winning best costume was pretty cool. Melissa made threw an amazing party!! Thanks again, so much, for having us. As always, we all missed Bonnie and Kimball.
Davey and Skyler
Dave and I had a great Halloween. He dressed up as the Count from Sesame Street, as well as many other characters because his costume got modified all night. He would take something off and become someone else, put a mask on and become someone else, and etc. It was so fun and so hilarious. I was a Vampress and I colored and ratted my hair and it literally looked like a wig. It was great! We went to Lou and Paula's for Dave's Mom's Birthday party. How fun! I know. I can't imagine how cool it would be to be born on Halloween. You would get a be a real witch all the time and blame it on your Birthday!! You could just tell everyone, "Hey I was born a Witch." :) We had so much fun! Here are a few pics from the night.
Davey and Jilli
Rachey and the Count