Nov 7, 2009

Food Restrictions

So we all know Jill's addiction to food aka 300lb Girlfriend. ;) So I am really struggling with this no food thing. I know I have to do it so I don't die, but at the same time don't you think going out eating your favorite foods sounds better? LOL I'm totally kidding. I'm not about to give up my life with my sweetheart so I can go eat a plate of ribs, but just to let you all know what my Holidays are going to look like I'll share. :)
The doctor has informed me that for the next 3 months I can have absolutely no meat (but thinly sliced deli meat). Just to put this into perspective that means no Turkey on Thanksgiving and no Ham on Christmas Eve. Now, if you understand Jilli at all you will know this is the greatest sacrifice of my life!! Like I told Oprah, "I live to eat, not eat to live". Now granted I'm being a little dramatic about all of this, but I really am devastated. Okay, lets continue. So, no meat. The 2nd part of this diet, no fresh fruits or vegetables for 4 months. I am so sad about this. I wait every year for Fuji apple season which starts in November in Utah. So of course, Fuji apple season starts, I get sick, and won't be able to eat any the entire time they are ripe. Not only that, this means NO salads, NO salsa, NO oranges during Christmas time, NO pies at Thanksgiving, NOTHING. Absolutely no fresh fruits or veggies. I no longer get to dip my carrot strips in dressing or eat my celery sticks at night. I am so devastated. I really think before these next 3 months are over I will cry many times.

Now, the fat person inside of me should be thrilled because what does this mean that I can eat? Puddings, yogurts, ice cream, mashed potatoes, Popsicles, soups, cheese, pasta, and every other fattening thing you could imagine. The crazy thing is that I don't crave those foods anymore. My most favorite things to eat are the things that I can no longer eat. I'm so sad. Yes, I'm looking for a little sympathy because I'm so sad over this. My Holidays are going to tough this year.

Along with the 1st 2 restrictions another one that is a doozy is that I am on only soft foods for the 1st month. I am on yogurts and puddings and anything that is basically baby food for 30 days. Wow, this is going to be a long month. Of course it's Thanksgiving with my family this year, and I won't even get to enjoy my mom and dad's amazing cooking because I can't eat it. One good thing, I am going to make the most amazing sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top and I will eat every bit of them! ;) That is one thing that I am not going to miss out on!

Thank you everyone who reads this and allows me to whine and complain for a minute. I got it out of my system and I think I'll make it. I promised Dave I would do it, so I have to make it. I guess I should probably live for a little bit longer, even if it means no good food :) Happy Holidays!