Nov 15, 2009

Free Photo X-mas Cards

So my friend lead to me this website and I can tell you all that it works! I just got 50 christmas photo cards sent to me free!! All of you who are thinking about sending photo cards need to go to this website and get your free cards before November 30!!
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Papa Kirk's 55th Birthday

Yesterday was my Dad's 26th, I mean 55th Birthday. :) He had such a great day and we had so much fun celebrating with him. Even though I didn't get to eat any of it, the whole family went to Brick Oven for dinner. We had lots of pizza, garlic bread, and rootbeer! Micaela, Halle, Jospeh, Paul, Lupita, Katie, Dave, Mom, Dad, and me, were all there.

My Dad had been painting his house all day, so Brick Oven for dinner was a much needed break.

The came out and with his Chocolate Mud Cream (thick as thieves) Pie for his dessert, and we all sang the Brick Oven Birthday song. We passed the cake around and then it was back to Momma Cay and Papa Kirk's to open presents and have cake and ice cream. Dave and I couldn't go back to Springville with everyone, but we sure did have fun at Brick Oven.

I hope you had the best Birthday. Dave and I love you so much. I couldn't ask for a better father. I have never known anyone with such drive and determination as you have. You have such an amazing spirit and are so much fun. You inspire me on a daily basis. We are so thankful for all you do for us. Thank you for making us laugh every time we see you. I'm so grateful that I had you as an example of what a good husband should be, because my sweet Dave is just like you. I couldn't have asked for better guidance then from the example you gave. You worked so hard, so all of us kids could have a great life, and great life we did. I can't think of 1 time I ever went without anything I wanted. You truly made my life what it is today and that is great! I love you so much. The world could not have put a better Dad on this earth, and a girl could never get as lucky as the Roberts kids did to get Kirk Roberts as our father. We love you so much and I hope you had a great Birthday!

Love Always,
Davey and Jilly