Apr 10, 2010

Auction #17-Springville Hair Color

One of my dear friends Annika is a hairstylist in Springville and although I have never gone to her, I have friends that live down there that do and they swear by her! She is donating:

Action a Hair Cut and Color.
Jayda Boutique and Salon
1190 north Main #20
Springville Utah
Annika- 801-318-6443

Thank you so much Annika for your generous donation. You are a sweetheart and I can't thank you enough! You will have until Monday at 11am to donate on this item! Good luck and thank you again!


Whitney said...


Whitney said...

I bid $40.00

Kirsten said...


Whitney said...


Jilly said...

Buggy's Mom you are the winner!!!! Email your info to
remind me the email who it is and what prize you won and I'll get the information to you. Congratulations!!