Apr 7, 2010

Auction Item #8-Fort Knox Pistol Safe

Hey everyone! I am really excited about this item! For all of you guys out there, this is a item just for you! Or girls like my friend Sara that loves guns! :) My Dad is one of the VP's at Fort Knox Security Products. He is donating a pistol safe. I have one that I keep all my medication in and my documents and prescriptions at my house. You can store anything in them. They are great! I have had mine for years and I absolutely love it! The estimated value is $189.00 A special thanks to Tom James and the rest of the Fort Knox Team for donating this safe!!
Fort Knox Security Products
993 N. Industrial Pkwy.
Orem, UT 84057

Again you have until 4-12-10 at 11am to bid on this item!! Thanks Dad!!


Vicki said...


The Ramsay's said...

$50.00. (I'm Donna Mangelson's sister, she works at fort knox, I'm assuming that's how you know her.) I hope everything works out for you and I will help out in any way possible! -Tabitha Ramsay

Vicki said...


Jilly Strasburg said...

I have a friend that is bidding on the safe but wants to keep it a secret so the bid is now at

The Ramsay's said...


Unknown said...

Juli Rose , and Jared Knuth, $120.00

Jilly said...

Juli/Jared you are the winner!!!! Email your info to
remind me the email who it is and what prize you won and I'll get the information to you. Congratulations!!