Apr 6, 2010

Donations Daily Total

I have been asked to post what we have gotten so far in Donations so people know. What I am in need of is $5,000 by April 12, 2010. The Donations were started yesterday, April 5, 2010. Every morning from today until the morning of April 12, 2010 I will post what our running total is. So far we have raised:


That is amazing!! Thank you to all of you who have contributed! You truly are going to help save my life and I could never thank you enough! I appreciate your giving hearts more than you could understand!

Also, this week I will be auctioning off a Scrapbook Basket from Roberts Craft. Roberts Craft heard about my story and have so generously donated a scrapbook basket. I will post a picture of the basket on my blog as well as my facebook group page, "Help Jilly Strasburg Live". You will be able to post under the blog post what you are willing to spend to get the basket and on Monday the 12th I will announce the winner. The donation will be made through my Paypal account or the money can be deposited into my bank account at Family First Credit Union. I will then give the winner the basket! So keep watch for this!! Thank you Roberts Craft!

Thank you again to all of you! Please keep spreading the word. I will do my next post with what we have raised in my behalf again tomorrow morning. Love you all!


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