Jun 7, 2010

My Amazing Birthday Cake!!

My dear friend Mya who donated her proceeds from her cakes for my surgery made me a very special gift this weekend. She is absolutely amazing, thoughtful, caring, and so so so talented! She made me the most beautiful and fun and totally me, Birthday cake!! It was so fun! I just had to post this really quick, and I will be posting more pictures of it tomorrow. It was a great Birthday party with the fam the day after my Birthday, and just helped me celebrate my Birthday a little longer! ;) THANK YOU MYA! You're amazing and I can't tell you what it means to me! You all need to check out her awesome website and see her amazing cakes!http://www.cakesbymya.blogspot.com/It was fun to have my family there for my Birthday. Thanks Mom, Dad, Margaret, Laurzie, and Bric! I had so much fun with all of you! You made my Birthday so special! Oh, and thanks for the funniest gift ever Laurz! You know me all too well! ;)


Mangelson's said...

That cake is so darling. Happy Birthday!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! How lucky you are to have sooooo many people who want you STICK AROUND! Have a wonderful year...you deserve it.