Jul 15, 2010

Ode to Josef Frank

Josef Frank July 15, 1885

So Josef Frank is by far my most favorite artist I have ever come across. He is from Austria, but pursued his artistic career in Sweden, so how could I not love him?!
Today is his 125th Birthday and I wanted to say thank you to him for inspiring me, inviting me to use fun, new, and often weird, patterns and colors. Thank you for bring such happiness to my heart every time I look at one of your pictures. 1 of my goals is to have a piece of furniture designed by him in my daughter's room, along with a painting of his in each of my child's rooms. He is absolutely amazing, uplifting, exciting, and fun.
So, Glad Glad Fodelsedag Josef! I hope all of you reading this will be able to see why I love him so much. His artistic mind, is exactly what mine would be if I was artistic at all. ;)