Apr 9, 2010

Thoughts for the Day

Dave and Jilly a couple summers ago
So today has been a really great day. I was so nervous about today when I woke up, and I think it turned out really well. I woke up at 4am because I was nervous about what I would say when the news crew came. I got up and was so exhausted and so drained that I couldn't do anything and just laid on the couch. My mom was such a sweetheart and came over at 9:30am to clean my house before ABC got there. Dave had a HUGE test today that he has been studying for all week, along with a HUGE test on Wednesday, so he wasn't able to help me clean last night. I'm so proud of him though because he did great on both tests. He amazes me because even though I have been so sick and he has the stress of me dying everyday he still made the Dean's List last semester. I am just so proud of him. I'm just excited for the day when he is a doctor and will be able to cure his wife. All those study hours and long days at school are going to pay off next time I'm sick ;) jk. Anyway, back to the subject. My mom got here and was cleaning and I got dressed and waited for the crew to come.

At 11:15 Jordan (the camera man) showed up and picked out a spot where he wanted me to be. He was so amazing. He told me how he had read my blog and just felt so bad for what I was going through and how much I struggle on a day to day basis. He had such a huge heart and was so caring. I was so grateful that he was the camera man. I was so comfortable in front of him and was not nervous one bit. It was awesome! He was sooo great! I also want to thank him for not making me look fat on camera. LOL ;) Just playing with you Jordan.

My reporter was Barbara Smith. She got stuck in the wonderful traffic on SR92 and finally made it to my house around 11:30. I felt so bad for her. I'm from Highland so I know all the little roads to go around that horrible Highway. I was stunned when she walked in. She was absolutely beautiful and so warm and welcoming. She wasn't the least bit intimidated and made me feel like she was genuinely concerned and wanted to hear my story. We sat and got to know each other for a few minutes. She told me about her family and I talked about how I met my husband and we got married last March and I had been sent in for ER surgery a little less than 2 months later and have been sick ever since.

The interview went so well because I didn't feel like I was being interviewed. Barb sat across from me and we just talked. I got teared up at times from questions she asked about why I wanted to live and what I kept on fighting for. Everyone in the room was crying when I described what I was living for. I am living for my Husband. I am living to spend 1 more day with him. I am fighting this fight and raising this money and doing this blog and doing my facebook so I get to spend a full lifetime with him. I love Dave more than anything in this world and he makes me so happy. The only reason I want to keep living from day to day is because I get to wake up to his face in the morning. I didn't realize how much I love and cherish my husband until she asked me that. It was a very touching moment.

After the interview was over she stayed and talked for a little bit. Jordan recorded B roll while we talked and then Barb kept talking to my mom while I got up and went to get to know Jordan better. His love for his job and his genuine concern for me were very noticeable. He was so kind and sweet and I was just so grateful that he and Barb were the ones chosen to come to my home.

As they left Jordan reached into his pocket and pulled out some cash and said, "This is for you. You are in my prayers." I just started to cry. I couldn't believe that I was having someone who had never met me and didn't know a thing about me other than reading my blog, giving me money to save my life. I just grabbed him and hugged him and thanked him with all I had. I can't tell you what a truly humbling experience that was for me. What an amazing man, husband, and father he must be. I feel truly blessed to have met him.

Barb and Jordan leave. I shut my door and lock it and 5 minutes later a knock comes to my door. Barb walks back in with her check book and she said, "I need you to spell your last name for me." I just cried. I was just so blown away that these 2 individuals who didn't know anything about me until that day freely gave to help me survive. They cried with me, and genuinely care if I live or die this week. I was so touched. I can't express what that meant to me. It was a very moving day, and I thank God for putting those 2 people in my life. The world is good. People are good, and I thank God for sending those people to me this day.

After they left I was extremely drained, so nauseated, and exhausted. I had so many people blowing up my facebook with messages, my email was on overload, my blog was filling with comments, and I was so tired that I couldn't respond to any. My phone would not stop ringing and buzzing with new text messages. I told my mom that I needed her to return some phone calls because I had to go lay down and I was unable to speak because the nausea had become so intense. I was just grateful that I was able to get through my interview.

My mom made sure everything was done at my house and made sure I had everything I needed before Dave got home. She tucked me in bed, hugged, and kissed me, and left. She wanted to get home to be able to record the news cast at 5pm.

Dave got home and woke me up and we watched the airing of the interview on Channel 4 news at 5pm. He was so proud of me and how well I did. I was so glad that he approved because that was all I cared about. I just had hoped that he would get to see how he is my reason for living, and fighting, and trying to raise money. He gave me a hug and kiss and said, "You really love me huh?" :) I said, "I sure do sweetheart. You're my everything." I think that pretty much sums up my day and why I do what I do. That explains why I am doing all of this. It explains why I work on this blog every day, why I had auctions to bid on, why I made the group on facebook, and why I am going to have this surgery. I am doing it all for Dave. My life would be nothing without him.

Thank you to all of you for letting me get that chance because our life could not go on without your help. Thank you for helping me survive so I can be with my sweetheart. I wish I could hug each one of you and help you to see what you are doing for my life. You are giving me a chance to live. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I can never repay you, but just know that I would if I ever got the chance. I promise you I will help others as you have helped me when I am well again. Have a wonderful night and I'll talk with you all tomorrow!

Daily Start Total

Start of day Total $2,906.49
Thank you for all your donations!

Let's have a goal to at least get up to $3,500 today! We can totally do it! Spread the word and let's hit our goal!! It's Friday! We can totally get everyone to see this website and get our total up there! We will definitely have the $5,000 by Monday at 12pm!!!

Thanks to everyone for all your hard work and donations! Keep bidding and donating and have so much fun!! Some great items are going to go to the highest bidder on Monday at 11am MST!!!

MONDAY EVENTS: I go to the Doctor's at 10am. The auctions end at 11am. The winners will be announced on the comments site by me. You pay the money using 1 of our 3 ways to Donate. At 12pm I pay the money for my surgery, and then we start setting up times for everyone to get their items!! This weekend is going to go by fast!! This is going to be an awesome weekend!!

3 Days to hit $5,000!!! We have the News coming this morning at 11am, and then we start going crazy!! :) I will be posting 3 times a day what our total is. On Sunday and Monday I am going to try to post every hour until I go to my pre-operative meeting at 10am!!!

Good luck everyone and thanks for the amazing help to save my life!!

Auction Item#15-Massage

An awesome Massage Therapist and dear friend of mine has donated a 1 hour massage valued at $65 to be auctioned off. She is a traveling therapist in Utah so she can come to your home or you can go to her school. You would just call her to make arrangements:

Shellie Snow

Shellie specializes in Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hydro, Aromatherapy, Trigger Point, and Acupressure. She is absolutely amazing and I promise you will not be the least bit disappointed!! She has been teaching massage for 6 years now. I wish so badly that I could be the one getting this massage because I would be bidding in a second! I would love to have someone come to my home and give me a massage!! I know whomever wins this is going to love it!

Bid in the comments section and the winner will be chosen on Monday April 12, 2010 at 11:00am MST. Thanks so much Shellie!! We love you!!

Auction Item #14-Designer Purse

We have got another great item to auction! Thank you to an amazing woman who has started her own Boutique in Springville and has donated this designer purse to help toward my surgery fund!

Chelsie Durden-Owner
Jayda Boutique and Salon
1190 N. Main Street #20
Springville, UT 84663

Thank you to Chelsie and her amazing contribution! We so much appreciate your love and support! Make sure to check out her Boutique for the latest, and fun fashions!! Her purses and tops are my favorite! You have until 4-12-10 at 11am MST to bid on this item! Good Luck!